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This last week.

Ok this last week was kind of a good week. i had a day off work that was great. that was a PRO. CON I spent money. But it was worth it. I attended a YA writers workshop downtown at Dobson High School. put on by Changing Hands Bookstore.

I got the chance to listen to the advice of veteran authors tell about their tales and information on how to be a successful author.  now remember i’m not a big reader myself. but a few of these authors i have great respect for as authors,people in the community , and for the skill at what they do.

Laura Ellen, James A. Owen, Amy Fellner Dominy, C.J. Hill
(aka Janette Rallison), Cecil Castellucci , Tom Leveen , Suzanne Young , Shannon Messenger , Erin Jade Lange , Suzanne Lazear

This event was very good for me and i really should take more as they pop-up. i got the chance to say Hi to James Owens again which is always good. and had a chance to chat to Tom Leveen and he was quite informative. and always a joy to talk too. i met other talented authors. and added them to my facebook to keep in touch and informed.

This week i hope to see my book cover, being worked on by @printedbooks.com. And if everything goes well publish ROTH- Rise Of The Harkon. my first short story in the Native Protector Series. This short story is the Harena point of view from the side of Tripper a young Harena. and i’m working on Talon’s Tale. Which will be the second short story in this chain.

i also hope to launch my new website soon hopefully in the next few weeks. or sooner.

Also this week i hope to order my new DSLR camera. Which will mean more pictures. i know that i write short blogs but i got to get back to the plan.

Chat soon.



So for the people that don’t know me every well. my name is Robert. i live in Mesa, Arizona. I am a geek. i love playing computer games. Chatting on Ventrilo, or Mumble. I like listening to Music while at home alone gaming or on the social networking sites. My favorite music right now is Halestorm, and Airbourne, Nickleback .

The game i’m waiting for is Guild Wars 2. My friend and i are already getting our guild ready. even though it is still is a little ways, away. our guild was large in World Of Warcraft a long time ago. but fell apart over time. we have at least 6 ready but hope the old guildies will come out of hiding to play.

I like social networking i run 4 twitter accounts, mine is @rtabb don’t tweet to much from it. second is one i set up for my place i used to work. @Sourdoughpizza1 they have the best pizza. @EastValleyinfo this one i set up to help support local events and companies. i support local authors from this account like: Kevin Hearne , Tom Leveen ,Lisa McMann. i also support a web series called Western X. Filmed locally and most of the crew and actors are from here. eastvalleyinfo is also on Facebook and Google Plus. and smashtowerbooks is also on Facebook.

My fourth account is @Smashtowerbooks . this account was to support my book writing. since this is the first time for writing books it maybe a pain but i’m hope for alot of fun. My first series is called the Native Protectors. and there are 6 books planned and maybe a few short stories.

this is the break down.

Native protectors   Steampunk  Western    Fantasy

6                               12                   3                 1

ok well now i’m spending the next few weeks getting ready for PHXCC . i hope to enjoy myself and meet new and see old friends.

Later for now.


First i got to say i was very happy to see that i had 20 people view my blog last week. this is more than double any other day I’ve blogged. Thank you all.

This will be a busy week.

1. the temperature started really hot 105 degrees which the average is in the 80’s. So drink lots water.

2.My friend and i made some head way on editing book one. Spirit Lance from the Native Protector series. we are about 1/3 rd of the way through. Hoping still on the release in early May.

3.Have two book signings that i’m going to to support the authors. one was last night in support of Tom Leveen for the book release of Zero. and the second book signing i’m going too is for Keven Hearne for his new book Tricked from the Iron Druid Chronicles this Saturday. Both authors will be at PHXCC.

4. then there is work, getting caught up on my shows that i missed.

5. today is the podcast for NOELFINWAY. at 12pm. with special guests Michael Flores and Victoria Paege.

6. and now i’m hard at work writing a plot line for a new book series that will be a steampunk series. first outline done working on the outline for the second book now.

this is my week. thanks for stopping by!!!!!

So this is me. I work a full time job. I have a wife i spend pretty much all my extra time with. I have a grandson i enjoy having around when he is in town. the idea is to become self employed as a author. this would free up time for family and friends. and for events. movies with the wife, book signings supporting other authors. travel to support local economies. for everyone that venture forth from their holes that they live in. it helps others. are you going to the movies? then you are getting up and showering. hopefully using soap. which puts money in someones pocket. but at the same time they have to hire someone more to help keep up for the demand.

Then you get dressed by wearing clothes. now these clothes are made by someone.(most likely not local but you never know) and these clothes got to be washed. that’s a different soap(or at least i would hope so) i think you get where this is going. support your local shops by shopping the little guy. eating at the corner restaurant in stead of the big chain. if the small local place get to busy then they hire your neighbor. your neighbor gets back to work. and now is spending money local again.

i did some calculating and figured that i write a book and it does not do well. i would have to write about 11 books to make ends meat. funny glad i had planned to write at least ten books. four books in the series i’m working on right now. maybe more. three in a different sci-fi book series. and three in a western series. if you are interested in follow my writing on #Twitter. then follow @SmashTowerbooks. i am also on #FaceBook same name. Smashtowerbooks.

last night i went out in support of another author’s new book . dead to you By Lisa Mcmann , this is the first event of hers that i got the opportunity to go too, so i was excited. i’m not a great reader but from this point i will be trying to ready any author’s book that i got to support. Grats to you Lisa for the new book.

i also met with Tom Leveen author of his book Party. and his new book Zero coming out in April. met tom at the Kids Need To Read hike last year.

i think this is what i would like to do . write books and help support the people i have come to enjoy as company. hay John Davis when you coming to Arizona!!!! hint


Robert Tabb