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The restaurant i work for is almost over. this means a few things for me.

1. Money is going to start getting tighter.

2. Days off will happen

3. Book writing will start again. thats a big YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY for this one.

outside of working i have started to build bios for my characters for my books. this consists of pictures that i can find of the people that inspired the characters. some were easy to come by some were harder. but the work on the bios has started.

i have a sci-fi series that i shelved a little while ago that i’m building now for a slow start. No Dates or real info on this series but i choose 2 very cute actresses as inspiration.

The steampunk mash-up. which is my main focus for right now. is what i’m building now. the inspiration for the main characters are set. Captain Smashtower, Andrew Savage, Maggie, Kennith , Danny Two- Pints, Raven and Anna. i’m still working on the Evil King and the higher officers of the Crimson Guard.

well its not alot of info but i hope it might peak your interest. and i hope to give you more info soon.


Blog- FREE !!!!

I’d like to thank every one that downloaded my book for free yesterday. Because of your efforts we made it to number 22 on the free sci-fi downloads. Next month i will have another free day but not sure when.

when this contract with kindle is over i will not do the Kindle only. i will open the book for Smashword also. i had to many people contact me that they were not able to download the book. so in about 85 days i’ll be up loading to Smashword. and i hope at that time i’ll be up loading a short story and doing something different. By fusing Spirit Lance and the Short story creating Spirit Lance Fusion. this will be the original Spirit Lance and the short story fused together. which will add a new view of the battle in the end of Spirit Lance.

So this weekend i’ll be having a yard sale to help get rid of a few things. i need to make room for some new things. Next week i’ll be jumping into finishing the short story. And looking for a new job.

While my editors are working on the short story i will attack book 2 and my first book in the SteamPunk series.

So a lot going on right now. so keep reading. information is always changing.


So this is me. I work a full time job. I have a wife i spend pretty much all my extra time with. I have a grandson i enjoy having around when he is in town. the idea is to become self employed as a author. this would free up time for family and friends. and for events. movies with the wife, book signings supporting other authors. travel to support local economies. for everyone that venture forth from their holes that they live in. it helps others. are you going to the movies? then you are getting up and showering. hopefully using soap. which puts money in someones pocket. but at the same time they have to hire someone more to help keep up for the demand.

Then you get dressed by wearing clothes. now these clothes are made by someone.(most likely not local but you never know) and these clothes got to be washed. that’s a different soap(or at least i would hope so) i think you get where this is going. support your local shops by shopping the little guy. eating at the corner restaurant in stead of the big chain. if the small local place get to busy then they hire your neighbor. your neighbor gets back to work. and now is spending money local again.

i did some calculating and figured that i write a book and it does not do well. i would have to write about 11 books to make ends meat. funny glad i had planned to write at least ten books. four books in the series i’m working on right now. maybe more. three in a different sci-fi book series. and three in a western series. if you are interested in follow my writing on #Twitter. then follow @SmashTowerbooks. i am also on #FaceBook same name. Smashtowerbooks.

last night i went out in support of another author’s new book . dead to you By Lisa Mcmann , this is the first event of hers that i got the opportunity to go too, so i was excited. i’m not a great reader but from this point i will be trying to ready any author’s book that i got to support. Grats to you Lisa for the new book.

i also met with Tom Leveen author of his book Party. and his new book Zero coming out in April. met tom at the Kids Need To Read hike last year.

i think this is what i would like to do . write books and help support the people i have come to enjoy as company. hay John Davis when you coming to Arizona!!!! hint


Robert Tabb

My Book Part 6 The Excitement

So it looks like the cover of my book will be done soon . Maybe even this weekend. I’m getting excited. i’m sitting around 32k of 50k. what i’m doing going back and doing some editing and adding a little more beef to it. if anyone has not been following me on FaceBook or Twitter. and i also have a very basic website called : www.Smashtowerbooks.com . I am looking at writing 10 books in 3 different Series. i may add or decrease the number but at this time this is what i’m working on.

4 books in Native Protectors ?

3 books in a different sci-fi series

3 books in a western series

I have my first book of my Sci-Fi series. Native Protectors . I’m projecting 4 books in this series but there maybe more. The title of the first book is :Spirit Lance. This book starts with Sam SingingEagle and his friends on Earth. but something happens when Sam was on a hike and he no longer on Earth. his friends are worried. Where did he go? Will he return? Will Julie say what was on her mind? We will only know when the story is done. or will we?

Blog- My Book part 2

As i write this book. i now notice that the ideas come in small spurts. When you get the idea for a book you would think that it would start rolling as soon as you start typing, but what happened to me is the idea burst onto the page like fire. then flicker to a slow candle flame. then i’m like how did i get to this point in the book? what is plan to get to the end? Is the book going to be long enough?  Did i put enough characters in it? Are the main characters interesting enough to keep reading?

Do i want to write a one hit book? or a series? Is it a Action book ? Drama? Sci-Fi ? love story? or a FANTASY? oh i like that! But what i’m going to go with at this time is sci-fi.It is what i enjoy. i might even try a fantasy down the road. At first this was going just to be a book. but now i think i might be able to do a series out of this book.

I also got a idea for a second book series that i have not started yet , but are writing down ideas for it. as for info on the book it will come out very slowly. hehe. but i will tell you the main character is named SAM. and that’s all you get for now.