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So in the near future i have a few plans. i hope to go take pictures at my friends internet radio show Low Rent Radio. First day off monday- friday. lol i hope. This show is aired monday – Friday at 4 P.M. Ed Vanderlee and Craig Heiss. Ed can be followed on twitter here. they also can be liked on FaceBook here.

Next Month i will enjoying myself at the Kids Need To Read  Kids Need to Read Cajun Crawfish Boil Charité, with Chef Sauce Boss (Who Dat!?) on April 6th in Mesa.

Then on the April 20th. i’ll be with the Arizona Browncoats up on the Dolly steamboat tour

Then is May will be my Mini vacation. PHXCC13 

A bit of info of where i will be hangin .

Also in Oct. I will be at the BrownCoat Ball. Held in Phoenix this year are you Going?



After many many months of writing and having 2 editors work on the editing. i have released my Book. Spirit Lance the first book of the Native Protectors series is out.

While working on this project i have come up with many other book ideas and even lengthen this series to eight books as of now. i have a Author page on Amazon now which is pretty cool. Which is here. i hope that in about 90 days to have a short story and a fusion version of Spirit Lance. What that mean is the short story will be fused with spirit lance to give you a broader view of the galaxy I’ve created.

The second book in this series will out near the end of the year. then i’ll be working on a second series. The first book in that series to be out near the first of the year. I hope from that point to move to one series to the other series. at least 3 books a year. I am up to 34 book ideas as of right now. Many have not even been plotted yet. but most will be soon. with the first book done . I will be working on Series and book plots for a few weeks. then i’ll increase my work on the short story and the second book. and also be working on the first of my SteamPunk series. The SteamPunk series will be at least 12 books and maybe even larger. i see this series being massive. but we will see how the people like it first.

I also will be working on a second sci-fi series. a western series and a few Fantasy novels. and even thought a history of my life. but that would not come out for many years.

this should offer a small glimpse of what is coming in my writing.

And remember that some authors like my self work to help others also. A small portion of my income will be going to 5 different charities. the first on has already set in stone . Kids Need To Read (KNTR) 4 others will be decided later.

As my time frees up from having to work for others and able to spend more time on writing . I can spend more time supporting other Authors in the area. which is some thing i like to do.

Also i wanted to include a description of my first book and series:

A teenage native american boy Sam takes charge as he discovers there is more going on in space than he previously knew. An alien race war is brewing that threatens all life in the galaxy, and only he with the help of a few friends can stop them. Guided by a mysterious old man and a friendly alien comrade, Sam must muster all his courage to defeat an ancient enemy. With his sidearm “Lucy” on his hip, and his Browncoat on his back he leads them on a wild ride filled with action and adventure.


I have decided that i’m going to donate a small portion of my income from all my books to 5 charities. i still have not decided yet on all the charities. but i do know one to start. The first charity will be Kids Need To Read.  i’ll be doing some research to see what other 4 i will choose.

So this is me. I work a full time job. I have a wife i spend pretty much all my extra time with. I have a grandson i enjoy having around when he is in town. the idea is to become self employed as a author. this would free up time for family and friends. and for events. movies with the wife, book signings supporting other authors. travel to support local economies. for everyone that venture forth from their holes that they live in. it helps others. are you going to the movies? then you are getting up and showering. hopefully using soap. which puts money in someones pocket. but at the same time they have to hire someone more to help keep up for the demand.

Then you get dressed by wearing clothes. now these clothes are made by someone.(most likely not local but you never know) and these clothes got to be washed. that’s a different soap(or at least i would hope so) i think you get where this is going. support your local shops by shopping the little guy. eating at the corner restaurant in stead of the big chain. if the small local place get to busy then they hire your neighbor. your neighbor gets back to work. and now is spending money local again.

i did some calculating and figured that i write a book and it does not do well. i would have to write about 11 books to make ends meat. funny glad i had planned to write at least ten books. four books in the series i’m working on right now. maybe more. three in a different sci-fi book series. and three in a western series. if you are interested in follow my writing on #Twitter. then follow @SmashTowerbooks. i am also on #FaceBook same name. Smashtowerbooks.

last night i went out in support of another author’s new book . dead to you By Lisa Mcmann , this is the first event of hers that i got the opportunity to go too, so i was excited. i’m not a great reader but from this point i will be trying to ready any author’s book that i got to support. Grats to you Lisa for the new book.

i also met with Tom Leveen author of his book Party. and his new book Zero coming out in April. met tom at the Kids Need To Read hike last year.

i think this is what i would like to do . write books and help support the people i have come to enjoy as company. hay John Davis when you coming to Arizona!!!! hint


Robert Tabb

I’ve learn how to control my stress,By helping other. I have volunteered for Kids Need To Read for a few events and helping to move from one office to another. Denise and Debbie do good works for young kids and young adults by handing out books to schools that need them.

“Kids Need to Read was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 2008 by PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary, and Nathan Fillion. It was awarded 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in September of that year. The mission of the foundation was based on the work of a 2007 project of the same name, which was the brainchild of author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion.”

I also have tried to help a new friend Steve Chenoweth . Steve’s daughter has leukemia and they are in need of help. Mia’s Caring Heart . The best that i can do is help as much as i can by sending people to the website to donate what they can.

I created a tweeter account to try to start a business idea. It failed , but opened the opportunity for me to help small businesses in the east valley . I help business like Sourdough Pizza Restaurant  in the east mesa area. i also run their twitter account @sourdoughpizza1 .

I also support a web-series filmed in Arizona called WesternX . The creator of this web series is Michael Flores . He has work hard on this project and is now starting to see the rewards from it in the acclaim of receiving awards. If getting more support this web series can really soar.  This is how i keep my stress down and it seems to be working.

So people that know me and what i do. Know that i find businesses and groups and lend them my support. many of the businesses are with in walking distance from my home. so here are a few that i support. Arizona Shade they are close to me. They make carports, custom sheds. a small group of Tattoo artist at  Dark Chapel Tattoo . Xtreme Recycling for your recycling needs yesterday soda cans were .80 cents a pound. Sourdough pizza because its my place of work and i love the pizza. A Favorite charity of mine is Kids Need to Read they are now based out of Mesa. And they do good works. HEHE

And last but not least a web series base in Arizona .WesternX a creative web series has already been noticed by people. And is even up for a award or two. The lead brain on this project is Michael Flores . Michael is working on several new project while getting ready to release more EPISODES of westernX. keep a eye on this young talent.

one more group the Arizona Browncoats a group of very dedicated followers of FIREFLY and SERENITY . Which will be putting on a showing of Serenity . This weekend at The Royal .

oh one more group in Phoenix which i would like to give a shout out to is: Arizona ShowJunkies.

People who know me , know my mine bounces around alot. But i really would like to see something come from this. i  Created the twitter account @Eastvalleyinfo to help support businesses in the east valley. i will post events and info about things happening in the east.if you have a event (exp. school , car wash, fund raiser.) send me a email at : EastValleyinfo@gmail.com.

Some of the groups i already support are :Kids Need To Read. And the local web series Western X.

Groups i’m involved in are KNTR:Kids Need To Read. i volunteer to help when i can. And the Arizona Browncoats when i can.

Please spread the word.