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Blog- its been awhile

So it has been a while since i blogged on here. Most of that is because i have been busy working two part time jobs and starting a class back in school. but i also  re-built a website for my  @Eastvalleyinfo project. Which is a support site for local businesses and events. The new website is WWW.Eastvinfo.com . I hope everyone that follows me locally will check it out it is still growing. The events calendar is still not where i want it.

I post on that site also but have little following there yet. check it out if you have a chance.


Blog: PodCasts

So my friends. have you ever listen to a podcast? do you know what a podcast is? do you have friends that do podcasts? i do. what are things you would listen too?

So a group of people. mostly in Arizona. have started doing pod casts. the main body and creators are Cazador Radio. are working several projects and podcast. Western X a webseries that has 7 episodes so far and number 8 is on its way. this web series is already turning some heads. and do they have a bad guy! now if you are on Twitter you can follow most of the cast and crew from these twitter accounts: @WesternXtheshow @Michael_Flores @VonDice  @DeneenMelody @AGFnow.

Podcast one- Men with no lives. an adult talk radio show. this podcast can be downloaded to listen or you can watch it live with video. they have special guests on a regular basis. they have a  featured Recording Artist every week. the gentleman from this podcast can be followed on twitter all so. @Michael_Flores @VonDice ,Kevin Tye , Dustin Hale.

Podcast two- No Elfin Way.Cazador Radio presents “No Elfin’ Way” hosted by Deneen Melody  and Anna Von Winter. follow @DeneenMelody @AnnaVonWinter.

Tune in as these geeky hotties talk everything from Star Wars to Sailor Moon. They will cover it all, so join them as they embark on a journey of myth and legend; because if you ever wanted a true show dedicated to nothing but scifi, fantasy, horror, gaming, comics and so much more then this is the show. Get an inside look into the geek culture from a geek girl’s perspective.
The show will air twice a month, every first and third Wednesday, on the Cazador Radio network.

Podcast three-Nineteen Eighty Something. Cazador Radio presents “Nineteen Eighty Something” hosted by Dan “Dice” Narciso (Men With No Lives & The Arizona Roughriders) and Ed Vanderlee (The Arizona Roughriders), between the two of them they know way too much about the 80’s. follow on twitter @VonDice

The show will airs twice a month, every second and fourth Wednesday, on the Cazador Radio network. Each episode will send you back in time 30 years ago and take you inside that month..

podcast four-Four Eyed Critics .Cazador Radio presents “Four Eyed Critics” hosted by Frank, Steve and Eric. “Three nerds from Arizona, deconstructing the media we all love.”

The show airs every Thursday at 7PM PST, you can get more info at www.foureyedcritics.com