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So in the near future i have a few plans. i hope to go take pictures at my friends internet radio show Low Rent Radio. First day off monday- friday. lol i hope. This show is aired monday – Friday at 4 P.M. Ed Vanderlee and Craig Heiss. Ed can be followed on twitter here. they also can be liked on FaceBook here.

Next Month i will enjoying myself at the Kids Need To Read  Kids Need to Read Cajun Crawfish Boil Charité, with Chef Sauce Boss (Who Dat!?) on April 6th in Mesa.

Then on the April 20th. i’ll be with the Arizona Browncoats up on the Dolly steamboat tour

Then is May will be my Mini vacation. PHXCC13 

A bit of info of where i will be hangin .

Also in Oct. I will be at the BrownCoat Ball. Held in Phoenix this year are you Going?



Happy New Year!!!

I wanted to let everyone know my plans for the first part of the year.

1.My short story ROTH (Rise Of The Harkon) will be ready soon. The editing is done just waiting for the book cover. This short is about the Harena during the battle to reclaim their home. this will be out in ebook form. I hope you upload it to Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and to the website @eprintedbooks.com.

2.Spirit Lance Fusion– will the combination of Spirit Lance and ROTH. re-edited and fused together into a new file. and i also hope to be selling paperback copies for my website.I hope you upload it to AmazonSmashwordsKobo, and to the website @eprintedbooks.com.

3. Talon’s Tale– is a second short story. this story will see the talon as he grows up in a hostile environment. on his home planet. I hope you upload it to AmazonSmashwordsKobo, and to the website @eprintedbooks.com.

4.Book 2 of the Native Protectors series is titled Goliath. This book will most likely be out the second part of the year. I hope you upload it to AmazonSmashwordsKobo, and to the website @eprintedbooks.com.

5. i plan to go to PHXCC13 in May. just to enjoy the company. this is the closet thing to a vacation i’ll have for the year.

6. i have two other book series started that i hope to have the first ebooks published around May. The first is Like Father, Like Son this is the first of many SteamPunk books. This i hope will be my largest series with 18 books in total and many short stories. the second series is a post apocalyptic series. three books planed.

7. in Oct. of this year the Arizona Browncoats will host the Browncoat Ball in Phoenix. This i will be at also as an Arizona Browncoat.

These are my plans as of now.



So this morning . I woke  up and did my walk .Not a big walk just enough to burn off a few calories and wake up my body. Walking up and down the street gets boring pretty quick. i need to start heading to park or some thing. A month ago or so . my daughter wanted to walk so i had no problem getting up and going. But trying to pry my wife up to go was fun. Her pace was much slower. i keep thinking .That she was worried that cigarette would go out if she moves any faster. Hehe.

But yes i got to find a few new places to go walking. been thinking that i need to make at least one trip to the river or one of the lakes at least once a month for my walks. i think that would be a nice break in seeing the same houses 4 times each morning. Maybe that’s it i’ll plan a small walk out at the river once a month. cool and maybe make it a event.

The part that sucks is depending on the kind of soda you drink. My little walk burned off 2 sodas (190 calories each) i really got to cut back on soda. Maybe Kool-aid would be better. Hehe

I’m really starting to feel bad . Because of this economy . I can’t plan a vacation. i can’t go out to social activities (i work nights) most of the activities are at night. On that note today is the Arizona Browncoats showing of Serenity  at The Royal in downtown Mesa. they just add a third showing at 9:15 pm tonight. so go buy your tickets.

I really need to find a day job to open up my nights.

So next week like all my shows come back on Castle , Hawaii Five-0, Ncis , Ncis-La ,Criminal minds ,Nikita . and a few others not far behind : Merlin ,Terra Nova. a bunch of new shows my wife and i are interested in watching. Unforgettable ,Charlies’s Angels ,The Secret Circle ,A Gifted Man .





So people that know me and what i do. Know that i find businesses and groups and lend them my support. many of the businesses are with in walking distance from my home. so here are a few that i support. Arizona Shade they are close to me. They make carports, custom sheds. a small group of Tattoo artist at  Dark Chapel Tattoo . Xtreme Recycling for your recycling needs yesterday soda cans were .80 cents a pound. Sourdough pizza because its my place of work and i love the pizza. A Favorite charity of mine is Kids Need to Read they are now based out of Mesa. And they do good works. HEHE

And last but not least a web series base in Arizona .WesternX a creative web series has already been noticed by people. And is even up for a award or two. The lead brain on this project is Michael Flores . Michael is working on several new project while getting ready to release more EPISODES of westernX. keep a eye on this young talent.

one more group the Arizona Browncoats a group of very dedicated followers of FIREFLY and SERENITY . Which will be putting on a showing of Serenity . This weekend at The Royal .

oh one more group in Phoenix which i would like to give a shout out to is: Arizona ShowJunkies.

People who know me , know my mine bounces around alot. But i really would like to see something come from this. i  Created the twitter account @Eastvalleyinfo to help support businesses in the east valley. i will post events and info about things happening in the east.if you have a event (exp. school , car wash, fund raiser.) send me a email at : EastValleyinfo@gmail.com.

Some of the groups i already support are :Kids Need To Read. And the local web series Western X.

Groups i’m involved in are KNTR:Kids Need To Read. i volunteer to help when i can. And the Arizona Browncoats when i can.

Please spread the word.