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So i just noticed that i forgot to blog in months. that is not good but at least it has been long enough that i have a few things to say.

Me personally have being kept busy by working and social networking. i have been doing the 2nd Friday events in Mesa. My wife and daughter are going to California for my oldest step-daughter’s wedding. Bought my wife a small digital camera to play with while see is there. Because of work ,school and my paycheck. i’ll be staying home 😦

But i will be going back to school (a tech class) starting this Tuesday. Yes, i’m scared. lol

For my books: I’m still trying to write but  because of my schedule. it has slowed down, Alot.  At last estimate the draft will be done in about 300 days. that has alot of room to change so don’t worry that it won’t happen. this new series has a lot of room to grow. Massive room for new characters. the first book name is : Like Father, Like Son . i’m about 1/5 of the way done. but the cover is almost done and should be ready to show soon.

Do i think i’ll have it done by PHXCC14. No. but that is not a solid no . you never no i might have a good weekend and write 5 to 10k. If my job changes and my nights are freed up i might be able to push this time line faster.

also on book projects. I’m making some changes the Native Protectors series will slow down alot.  i’m going to be redoing the Spirit Lance book and merging it with the short story ROTH (Rise Of The Harkon) this new book will be edited and re-covered as Spirit Lance Fusion.

@EastValleyinfo My social Networking project is moving slowly i gain a few new followers after every event i do. for the people that don’t know . I started this project a little while back to support friends and groups in the east Valley (Mesa.Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, AJ) i go to events take pictures and post them to help bring attention to the people and event. and i really enjoy doing it but it is a slow process for me.  i started just pushing KNTR, WesternX. But now it has grown to supporting the 2nd Friday event in Mesa. and the Doublewide Network (owned by Dave Pratt).

I also support a friend that i had been following for a little while named Ed Vanderlee (Owner of the Arizona Roughriders ) which work at Rawhide, when he started two internet radio projects. Rawhide Radio which Airs every Sunday at noon on the Doublewide Network. and LowRent Radio with his co-host Craig Hiess. also in the studio with him is Josh Pillsbury and Jared Bernal with BluRay Rewind. And social girl Amanda Saucedawhich is sponsored by Beyond Technology Solutions

so that’s it for now. check out the books. check out my friends.



So I’ve had people asking me what is my take on the shooting back east. The shooting was very scary because it was children. people are saying we need better gun laws. that maybe  true but what we really need are less mentally disturbed people. how do we know who is Mental? we don’t. Ok change the laws that no mental patient could ever own a gun. ok there is a step in the right direction. but now if that person really wanted to do damage.

Mom or dad has guns i’ll use theirs. HAY MOM can i use your Glock  19 tonight. i’m going out to see some old friends. No!!! why not!!!! But i did my chores. I took out the garbage. I kept my room clean. i even took down the Dead Cat i hung up a week ago in the neighbors tree.

Where is the good meat cleaver? you know the one that dad used to use. the SHARP one. No Son don’t do that. argggggg. (Mom is Dead) now i can borrow the glock 19. all is well.

What mom sold the glock 19 so little Johnny could not get his hands on it. smart Mom. now i need to take something else to Kill Your Co-Works Day!!!!

I’ll take the meat cleaver. it work great on Mommy. well maybe not it is messy and Damn it i would have to run around and do a lot of swinging. and i’m just to lazy for that! What on the internet it said if i mix this stuff with that stuff i could build a bomb, that would work.


Guns are easy to get in this country but they are in all countries. What this Moron did was wrong.  but have you never stood by a co worker that gave you goose bumps to think this  moron could be the next wacko to go on a killing spree?

Maybe we should start a program that if little Johnny starts showing sign of mental issues we should put them down, like we do with a dog that bites someone. then we can have mental kennels for the crazies till its time to put them down.

Crazy is Crazy we don’t know who is going to snap. and for why.

Maybe we should change the laws so that everyone could carry a gun. at least then it might be more one on one killings . instead of schools, malls, movie theaters. you got to think if the school teacher was packing maybe only two might of died.

or maybe the fear of not being able to kill more might have kept that kid home till he had a better plan.

These are my Rants. Their is no View here. and none of this was said to hurt anyone. Anyone can do this kind of violence. they use what they can get a hold of.

My heart true does go out to the fallen. there is no easy fix.

I think i’ll be cutting back on a lot of things i do. I don’t get paid to social network. i don’t get paid to help try to drive more business to my boss’s business. I social network because i like it but now it seems to be getting in the way of my book writing. But how do i book write when i can’t get any real help on editing. i have one or two people that help when they have free time but that’s not often. But is it worth writing when you can not get any artwork for covers. I’ve seen people willing to charge everything from 350 to build a website. to 250 to make a book cover for me. i found a great lady in New Mexico that did mine for 99 dollars and it was cool. But my book is struggling to make money and i can’t afford to pay to much for the work. so i started to look in to doing the covers myself. not something i have a passion for. this will be hard.

My first book, i had a passion for and i still do but my Sci-Fi is directed to young teens. and i placed it out on ebooks. how many teens are reading on Ebook anyway? or is my book just not interesting to this crowd? On that note i will be working on wrapping up the current projects.( 2 short stories and book 2) and moving on to a different series more adult driven. i still will work on the Native Protectors series but it will be on the back burners. I will start to push my self made web site. . Native Protector might do well in print if i ever get the chance to print it. So as my current projects start to drop i’ll be working on my steampunk and apocalyptic series. both that have been started. So if i look like i vanished. i’m working on my books. sorry for the Rant. i just had to get it out.

ok i’ve been trying my hand at writing. my first book is only on Kindle as of now. but i need to find a artist is good and willing to start out not making a lot at the start. the artist would get credit for his or her work and be able you use it in their portfolio. i need some one that can help bring my many universe’s Alive. if you are trying to get started send me a email with a link to your work. Here:

i have between 30-50 projects. i would prefer that you be a local artist.(mesa,Arizona) but i will look at all work sent. drop me a line.


fingers crossed that Guild Wars 2 comes out soon or i’m going to have to go back to Wow or DAOC or something like that.

Blog- Guild Wars

Ok once before i described a game i wish was around . My perfect game. Now i see it is in the works. hopefully to be released soon. I know for sure at least 3 of my guild are holding off playing any other games till it comes out. this game is a cross between Dark ages of Camelot and World Of Warcraft. so it should be really good. check out their home page. Guild 
Wars 2 looks like it could be the replacement for WOW.  vids to look at.  1.   2.  3.

there are 3 quick vids to check out. this game looks like it will be good.

Blog- Bitchin!!!

ok i’m a nice guy i don’t bitch if my food is just not perfect. i take alot with a grain of salt. but i hate it when i have a day off. and i can’t play my music because some else next door in the middle of the day don’t like it. Seriously do i bitch when you bang around your apartment all night long. when your dog is barking when i go out to my porch. that just tics me off when people complaint about everything. now i have to think if i have a party or a gathering even just a few people. its the middle of the day. and i can’t play my music. and instead of asking me she calls the sheriff !!!!!! . its 4p.m. in the afternoon and i got to turn down my computer. not my 500 watt stereo that i have not played in months.

This blog was going to start about how we don’t get bad weather . or bad stuff happening here. but i forgot about the wildfires that we get. And we did just have a small earthquake and HEAT. but outside of that it is perfect.

We are 2 hours from skiing, we are a 8 hour drive from California , a few hours from Mexico.  If you can stand the heat this is a great place.

The history of Arizona is colorful. The sites are spectacular .

Just saying. Arizona give us a look.


People who know me , know my mine bounces around alot. But i really would like to see something come from this. i  Created the twitter account @Eastvalleyinfo to help support businesses in the east valley. i will post events and info about things happening in the east.if you have a event (exp. school , car wash, fund raiser.) send me a email at :

Some of the groups i already support are :Kids Need To Read. And the local web series Western X.

Groups i’m involved in are KNTR:Kids Need To Read. i volunteer to help when i can. And the Arizona Browncoats when i can.

Please spread the word.