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So in the near future i have a few plans. i hope to go take pictures at my friends internet radio show Low Rent Radio. First day off monday- friday. lol i hope. This show is aired monday – Friday at 4 P.M. Ed Vanderlee and Craig Heiss. Ed can be followed on twitter here. they also can be liked on FaceBook here.

Next Month i will enjoying myself at the Kids Need To Read  Kids Need to Read Cajun Crawfish Boil Charité, with Chef Sauce Boss (Who Dat!?) on April 6th in Mesa.

Then on the April 20th. i’ll be with the Arizona Browncoats up on the Dolly steamboat tour

Then is May will be my Mini vacation. PHXCC13 

A bit of info of where i will be hangin .

Also in Oct. I will be at the BrownCoat Ball. Held in Phoenix this year are you Going?



I think i’ll be cutting back on a lot of things i do. I don’t get paid to social network. i don’t get paid to help try to drive more business to my boss’s business. I social network because i like it but now it seems to be getting in the way of my book writing. But how do i book write when i can’t get any real help on editing. i have one or two people that help when they have free time but that’s not often. But is it worth writing when you can not get any artwork for covers. I’ve seen people willing to charge everything from 350 to build a website. to 250 to make a book cover for me. i found a great lady in New Mexico that did mine for 99 dollars and it was cool. But my book is struggling to make money and i can’t afford to pay to much for the work. so i started to look in to doing the covers myself. not something i have a passion for. this will be hard.

My first book, i had a passion for and i still do but my Sci-Fi is directed to young teens. and i placed it out on ebooks. how many teens are reading on Ebook anyway? or is my book just not interesting to this crowd? On that note i will be working on wrapping up the current projects.( 2 short stories and book 2) and moving on to a different series more adult driven. i still will work on the Native Protectors series but it will be on the back burners. I will start to push my self made web site. . Native Protector might do well in print if i ever get the chance to print it. So as my current projects start to drop i’ll be working on my steampunk and apocalyptic series. both that have been started. So if i look like i vanished. i’m working on my books. sorry for the Rant. i just had to get it out.

So i have not posted a blog in a long while. and there is some reasons for this. I’m a new author and i’m thin skin about my writing. i have never said that i was the greatest writer in the world.  I like to see my stories in print. i like the idea that someone else way enjoy my stories. I had a bad review and it took the wind out of my sails for a bit. and it did not help that my friends that have been editing my books. are not helping much. So i have started searching for a few local people that can help.

My first book has done poorly in sales but i expected that so. it is depressing that i’m not selling books like R.A.Salvatore . My stories are getting out there. About 700-800 copies of my book are out there. so i’m happy about that. Spirit Lance and the Native Protectors series will continue. but i think much slower. I have also changed my plans slightly. Rise Of The Harkon is written but not edited. i’m working on that now. It will be released when it is ready. i also started working on a second short story. Rise Of The Harkon and the second short story will be released individuality for around .99 cents. but i hope to fuse all three. Spirit Lance and Rise Of The Harkon and the new short in to one book called Spirit Lance Fusion.  And i hope to have this book in print (Hard Copy) being sold on my web site when it is finished.

I still have many book ideas in the works. i expect most will be like Spirit Lance (Short books). I will be writing many short stories or companion stories to go with the short books. Many maybe asking why don’t you just write longer books. I have a short attention span. i will try to plot out a book as best as i can. I will give myself goals and i will push to finish them. But in most cases i rush. i hope to cure this problem but it is a work in progress. Moving on to Gaming.

Gaming- I play Guild Wars 2.  My guild has about 15 players. And a few of us like to play World Vs World or PVP or RVR. how ever you like to think of it. i enjoy the PVP. This play is close to a game i used to play called Dark Ages Of Camelot. Many people think that the maps in PVP are too small and i agree to a point. it take a long time to run back where you were. to join your friends. i wish all keeps and supply camps had portals for the controlling forces. making it a little easier to get back in the game.

Local events and Podcasts- I’m a big fan and supporter of Western X. A web series that is filmed locally here in Arizona. The production campany Cazador Productions has several  projects in the works. they will be doing 24/7 internet radio soon which will be very good to listen to with some of the shows that they already have. Recently i was given the opportunity to record a podcast with Western X creator Michael Flores. This episode he is joined by Thomas Hinman (Film Composer), Actor David Staley and fans Robert Tabb (me) and Clint Felton. Called Weird West Radio. In this show Micheal mentioned a show on Cable Called Hell On Wheels . Which got me interested in the show. thank you Michael for that. i have watched all of the shows now and are all caught up. Sweet new one this weekend!!!

Well this the end of this posting for now but i hope that i caught you up on what i was doing recently. Hope to post again soon.


Robert Tabb

So for the people that don’t know me every well. my name is Robert. i live in Mesa, Arizona. I am a geek. i love playing computer games. Chatting on Ventrilo, or Mumble. I like listening to Music while at home alone gaming or on the social networking sites. My favorite music right now is Halestorm, and Airbourne, Nickleback .

The game i’m waiting for is Guild Wars 2. My friend and i are already getting our guild ready. even though it is still is a little ways, away. our guild was large in World Of Warcraft a long time ago. but fell apart over time. we have at least 6 ready but hope the old guildies will come out of hiding to play.

I like social networking i run 4 twitter accounts, mine is @rtabb don’t tweet to much from it. second is one i set up for my place i used to work. @Sourdoughpizza1 they have the best pizza. @EastValleyinfo this one i set up to help support local events and companies. i support local authors from this account like: Kevin Hearne , Tom Leveen ,Lisa McMann. i also support a web series called Western X. Filmed locally and most of the crew and actors are from here. eastvalleyinfo is also on Facebook and Google Plus. and smashtowerbooks is also on Facebook.

My fourth account is @Smashtowerbooks . this account was to support my book writing. since this is the first time for writing books it maybe a pain but i’m hope for alot of fun. My first series is called the Native Protectors. and there are 6 books planned and maybe a few short stories.

this is the break down.

Native protectors   Steampunk  Western    Fantasy

6                               12                   3                 1

ok well now i’m spending the next few weeks getting ready for PHXCC . i hope to enjoy myself and meet new and see old friends.

Later for now.


Blog: PodCasts

So my friends. have you ever listen to a podcast? do you know what a podcast is? do you have friends that do podcasts? i do. what are things you would listen too?

So a group of people. mostly in Arizona. have started doing pod casts. the main body and creators are Cazador Radio. are working several projects and podcast. Western X a webseries that has 7 episodes so far and number 8 is on its way. this web series is already turning some heads. and do they have a bad guy! now if you are on Twitter you can follow most of the cast and crew from these twitter accounts: @WesternXtheshow @Michael_Flores @VonDice  @DeneenMelody @AGFnow.

Podcast one- Men with no lives. an adult talk radio show. this podcast can be downloaded to listen or you can watch it live with video. they have special guests on a regular basis. they have a  featured Recording Artist every week. the gentleman from this podcast can be followed on twitter all so. @Michael_Flores @VonDice ,Kevin Tye , Dustin Hale.

Podcast two- No Elfin Way.Cazador Radio presents “No Elfin’ Way” hosted by Deneen Melody  and Anna Von Winter. follow @DeneenMelody @AnnaVonWinter.

Tune in as these geeky hotties talk everything from Star Wars to Sailor Moon. They will cover it all, so join them as they embark on a journey of myth and legend; because if you ever wanted a true show dedicated to nothing but scifi, fantasy, horror, gaming, comics and so much more then this is the show. Get an inside look into the geek culture from a geek girl’s perspective.
The show will air twice a month, every first and third Wednesday, on the Cazador Radio network.

Podcast three-Nineteen Eighty Something. Cazador Radio presents “Nineteen Eighty Something” hosted by Dan “Dice” Narciso (Men With No Lives & The Arizona Roughriders) and Ed Vanderlee (The Arizona Roughriders), between the two of them they know way too much about the 80’s. follow on twitter @VonDice

The show will airs twice a month, every second and fourth Wednesday, on the Cazador Radio network. Each episode will send you back in time 30 years ago and take you inside that month..

podcast four-Four Eyed Critics .Cazador Radio presents “Four Eyed Critics” hosted by Frank, Steve and Eric. “Three nerds from Arizona, deconstructing the media we all love.”

The show airs every Thursday at 7PM PST, you can get more info at