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So I’ve had people asking me what is my take on the shooting back east. The shooting was very scary because it was children. people are saying we need better gun laws. that maybe  true but what we really need are less mentally disturbed people. how do we know who is Mental? we don’t. Ok change the laws that no mental patient could ever own a gun. ok there is a step in the right direction. but now if that person really wanted to do damage.

Mom or dad has guns i’ll use theirs. HAY MOM can i use your Glock  19 tonight. i’m going out to see some old friends. No!!! why not!!!! But i did my chores. I took out the garbage. I kept my room clean. i even took down the Dead Cat i hung up a week ago in the neighbors tree.

Where is the good meat cleaver? you know the one that dad used to use. the SHARP one. No Son don’t do that. argggggg. (Mom is Dead) now i can borrow the glock 19. all is well.

What mom sold the glock 19 so little Johnny could not get his hands on it. smart Mom. now i need to take something else to Kill Your Co-Works Day!!!!

I’ll take the meat cleaver. it work great on Mommy. well maybe not it is messy and Damn it i would have to run around and do a lot of swinging. and i’m just to lazy for that! What on the internet it said if i mix this stuff with that stuff i could build a bomb, that would work.


Guns are easy to get in this country but they are in all countries. What this Moron did was wrong.  but have you never stood by a co worker that gave you goose bumps to think this  moron could be the next wacko to go on a killing spree?

Maybe we should start a program that if little Johnny starts showing sign of mental issues we should put them down, like we do with a dog that bites someone. then we can have mental kennels for the crazies till its time to put them down.

Crazy is Crazy we don’t know who is going to snap. and for why.

Maybe we should change the laws so that everyone could carry a gun. at least then it might be more one on one killings . instead of schools, malls, movie theaters. you got to think if the school teacher was packing maybe only two might of died.

or maybe the fear of not being able to kill more might have kept that kid home till he had a better plan.

These are my Rants. Their is no View here. and none of this was said to hurt anyone. Anyone can do this kind of violence. they use what they can get a hold of.

My heart true does go out to the fallen. there is no easy fix.


So this is what i have come up with recently. People you know come in to Two categories. Friends and Associates .

Let’s cover associates first.

An associate is a coworker, someone you now close to you or someone you are on very good terms with. This is a person who you can go out to lunch with , someone you can chat with between phone calls. Maybe even go out to have a drink with.

But one thing i have found is a associate. will not extend  themselves to Help. Now i know the transition from associate to friend can happen quickly but most of the time it will not happen. It is sometimes hard to see the difference but they are there. the associate will give you support from a distance. Now that statement alone is questionable. An associate will do what is minimally necessarily to complete the task. He might help you move but at a cost or will leave before the task is done.

Now a true friend goes out of their way to help you. if you need to move they volunteer. and stay till the project is complete. They insist on loaning you money when you need it. and don’t ask when you will repay it. A true friend invites you over for parties, BBQ, go out to dinner. is someone that will go out of their way to see you or hang with you.

Associates are good to have around but don’t put your hopes in them. it is very rare that a associate will make the move to  friend but sometimes it does happen. When it does remember friends are a tight group. and waver very little. Associates can disappear like the last beer in the fridge, the last piece of pizza and like the last drop of gas when your on the Highway when your 50 miles from town.

Just saying.

this is what pisses me off . a show is put on the air. and gets a following. then the networks see that it is not pulling the best numbers and cancels it. most shows were not the best shows from day one. so why do they not work out a better system. work on a system to keep shows on the air longer.

Like if a show is not getting the rating you want move it, add a new cast member change the story line slightly. or if all else fails. work a deal with a on line web site to take over some of the cost to keep it airing.

cut the show length  to 30 mins. and add it to Hulu. produce it to a DVD when you have enough to make a DVD. or for direct download for a cost. but keep a show going longer. to ready see if it sucks or the network just did not put the right force behind it.

Just saying.

So yesterday i standing on the street corner. swinging my sign. (I’m a sign holder by the way.) and out of no where a old friend comes up to see me. he was in the area and stopped by. This was what i was talking about a few blogs ago. a person you send a message to and contacts you back. a person who comes over when they say they are going to come over. someone that contacts you on their own without having too. THESE ARE TRUE FRIENDS. The ones that send you a message or call you on the phone just to say good morning. these are people that you should worry about losing. these are the true friends.

Go out of your way say hi. use #Facebook , Twitter. But direct the message to them. “GOOD MORNING JOHN” “GOOD MORNING SAM”. LET THE WORLD KNOW THESE ARE FRIENDS.

Just a few words for the Monday Morning.

I would love to run a test on the United States. make a few changes and see what would happen.

1. no more spending money outside of our country till our country is back on its feet.(meaning now aid to other countries for any reason)

2.cut military spending in half for 10 years.

3.replace all politicians with activists . human rights, animal , earth. everything.

4. make it so no government employee makes more than the average US citizen. and that includes the unemployed.

if this works to right the US then we make it permanent………….

i’m just saying.


Blog- Bitchin!!!

ok i’m a nice guy i don’t bitch if my food is just not perfect. i take alot with a grain of salt. but i hate it when i have a day off. and i can’t play my music because some else next door in the middle of the day don’t like it. Seriously do i bitch when you bang around your apartment all night long. when your dog is barking when i go out to my porch. that just tics me off when people complaint about everything. now i have to think if i have a party or a gathering even just a few people. its the middle of the day. and i can’t play my music. and instead of asking me she calls the sheriff !!!!!! . its 4p.m. in the afternoon and i got to turn down my computer. not my 500 watt stereo that i have not played in months.

Have you ever noticed that when a person smiles at you. it makes you smile in return. I work as a sign holder during the day , and i wave and smile to people all day long. And one the things that make my day is when you see a person smile and wave back without faking it.

Got the love the wild waving ones,it could be a car load of kids or the  seniors on there way to dinner.

When you walk up to a new friend with a firm handshake and a smile. It makes you feel good.

When you wave to a child in a car seat. and they break out with a smile from ear to ear.

when you feel warm inside when you wave and get return wave back.

Just saying.

So life is becoming  a real joy. (A small piece of sarcasm  to start this blog.) I’m beginning to not want to trust any one. our politician make laws for big corporations. to make money in which big corporations then bribe more politician.(with all the money they just stole from us.)

Police arrest us or ticketing us for breaking laws we did not vote on. to pay for their programs. local laws should be voted on. But on that same note people voted on making POT legal for some. but the FEDS trash it. The government does not care what the people really want or think.

We go to war in other countries. But we can’t put up a wall to keep people out of our country.

We got many unemployed but no unemployed will pick fruit or vegetables. Maybe if our unemployed we picking fruit or veggies. our government would be lower. and the attraction of the US would fade away.   I’m just saying!!!!

So i started a new day job last week. nothing to be really exited about, or that’s what i was thinking. Now here is the deal i hold a sign. Yep. I stand on the street corner holding a sign. Now the sign is pretty plain. It just says BUYING GOLD. and points to the left. Here is the funny part.

Day One – i stand on the corner. moving around alot.  with my baseball cap and a little bottle of water. and the kicker. No sunblock . Do you see where this is going? the neck and backs of my hands were done, crispy, chard. You get the picture. This after 7.5 hours of being out there. you would think this would have been enough. But a strange thing happened. I Liked it!!! After work i run to the store to get a few things for the next day.

Day Two-Armed with a new wide brim hat. Sunblock and a larger water bottle, i returned to the street corner. This day i waved, I moved around and i enjoyed myself again.

Now this is what might be the funny part.  I wave to people to get them to notice me. I dance around a little too. Well as good as a middle age white guy who can’t dance. I’ve heard stories of people coming up and giving water, food, and even money to other sign holders. wow thats weird. But the part i really like , is i wave and some people wave back and some even honk. I get a kick out of this .

Most of the time people don’t care what a sign holder is doing , but some like to wave back. this makes me happy. 10 good waves back, makes me go for a few more hours. I’m thinking this is like a drug. you got to have your fix before that 10th car, or you start going into withdraw. This makes me smile. A New drug of choice.


So this morning . I woke  up and did my walk .Not a big walk just enough to burn off a few calories and wake up my body. Walking up and down the street gets boring pretty quick. i need to start heading to park or some thing. A month ago or so . my daughter wanted to walk so i had no problem getting up and going. But trying to pry my wife up to go was fun. Her pace was much slower. i keep thinking .That she was worried that cigarette would go out if she moves any faster. Hehe.

But yes i got to find a few new places to go walking. been thinking that i need to make at least one trip to the river or one of the lakes at least once a month for my walks. i think that would be a nice break in seeing the same houses 4 times each morning. Maybe that’s it i’ll plan a small walk out at the river once a month. cool and maybe make it a event.

The part that sucks is depending on the kind of soda you drink. My little walk burned off 2 sodas (190 calories each) i really got to cut back on soda. Maybe Kool-aid would be better. Hehe

I’m really starting to feel bad . Because of this economy . I can’t plan a vacation. i can’t go out to social activities (i work nights) most of the activities are at night. On that note today is the Arizona Browncoats showing of Serenity  at The Royal in downtown Mesa. they just add a third showing at 9:15 pm tonight. so go buy your tickets.

I really need to find a day job to open up my nights.

So next week like all my shows come back on Castle , Hawaii Five-0, Ncis , Ncis-La ,Criminal minds ,Nikita . and a few others not far behind : Merlin ,Terra Nova. a bunch of new shows my wife and i are interested in watching. Unforgettable ,Charlies’s Angels ,The Secret Circle ,A Gifted Man .