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So in the near future i have a few plans. i hope to go take pictures at my friends internet radio show Low Rent Radio. First day off monday- friday. lol i hope. This show is aired monday – Friday at 4 P.M. Ed Vanderlee and Craig Heiss. Ed can be followed on twitter here. they also can be liked on FaceBook here.

Next Month i will enjoying myself at the Kids Need To Read  Kids Need to Read Cajun Crawfish Boil Charité, with Chef Sauce Boss (Who Dat!?) on April 6th in Mesa.

Then on the April 20th. i’ll be with the Arizona Browncoats up on the Dolly steamboat tour

Then is May will be my Mini vacation. PHXCC13 

A bit of info of where i will be hangin .

Also in Oct. I will be at the BrownCoat Ball. Held in Phoenix this year are you Going?



I think i’ll be cutting back on a lot of things i do. I don’t get paid to social network. i don’t get paid to help try to drive more business to my boss’s business. I social network because i like it but now it seems to be getting in the way of my book writing. But how do i book write when i can’t get any real help on editing. i have one or two people that help when they have free time but that’s not often. But is it worth writing when you can not get any artwork for covers. I’ve seen people willing to charge everything from 350 to build a website. to 250 to make a book cover for me. i found a great lady in New Mexico that did mine for 99 dollars and it was cool. But my book is struggling to make money and i can’t afford to pay to much for the work. so i started to look in to doing the covers myself. not something i have a passion for. this will be hard.

My first book, i had a passion for and i still do but my Sci-Fi is directed to young teens. and i placed it out on ebooks. how many teens are reading on Ebook anyway? or is my book just not interesting to this crowd? On that note i will be working on wrapping up the current projects.( 2 short stories and book 2) and moving on to a different series more adult driven. i still will work on the Native Protectors series but it will be on the back burners. I will start to push my self made web site. . Native Protector might do well in print if i ever get the chance to print it. So as my current projects start to drop i’ll be working on my steampunk and apocalyptic series. both that have been started. So if i look like i vanished. i’m working on my books. sorry for the Rant. i just had to get it out.

ok guys and gals he is a taste of my first book.

Chapter 1

   Sam knew his plan would work, as it had many times before. He and his team were good in what they did. His key players were in place, as they snuck around a particularly dense part of the forest. They had spent over an hour searching for this very location. Sam had even sent a few of his men into the area beforehand to get in place and stay quiet until they were needed. He moved his friends quietly up a heavily treed area, as it covered them in dense foliage. There was a pause; they stayed very quiet to assess the situation. Everything seemed normal, so the plan would continue.
Stump came charging out of the bushes, heading straight for the flag. He knew his part in the plan, and was determined to complete it. He was fifty yards away, making head way even after the enemy saw him. Just then, three figures appeared and started shooting at him. At the same time Julie came up, providing cover fire. Stump dove behind a boulder, but this would not provide proper cover for long.
Sam located a spot about twenty-five feet to his left, not an easy spot to get too. There was a large open area to run through, so he sprinted to this new location, an area behind two large pine trees. He could feel every muscle strain as he moved. His heart was pounding, every beat felt like ten seconds had gone by. He knew that Stump and Julie were there to take out anyone that tried to stop him. He was running now, everything was in slow motion. Up and over the rocks he went darting from cover to cover, to the left and to the right. Popping noises rang in his ears; shots went zinging over his head. He jumped and rolled head over heels landing hard behind the pine trees. He checked himself, there were no hits.
Stump slowly looked over the boulder, almost taking a hit right away, and realized this position was not going to help him. Sam or Julie were going to have to go in. He knew there were at least two or more enemies still ahead of them. It was time, Stump charged, but only made it a few steps before being cut down by the two guards hiding behind large boulders near the end of the clearing. When Stump was fired upon, this gave The Twins enough time to rise from their hiding place and fire, hitting both of the guards. Sam and Julie moved as The Twins laid down cover fire. They were both running toward their objectives. More popping, one of The Twins was hit. The other Twin continued firing but was to far away to get a clean shot. Sam skidding to a stop, laying down more fire so Julie could get through. She made it up and over the last barricade. He fired a few shots in the general direction of the last enemy, but it was not necessary because Julie was able to take him out. She grabbed the flag pulling it from the ground and started to wave it around. They had won!
Both teams got together about thirty minutes later to congratulate and celebrate the victory. Most of the other team was disappointed, but were very good sports about the loss. Well most of the opposing team. There was one that was not such a good sport. He complained that some of his shots must have hit Sam, but no telltale paint blotches could be seen anywhere on him.
Jessie Blackwood was Sam’s rival and the older brother of Lucy Blackwood. He was taller and thinner than Sam with short dark hair. Jessie and Sam seemed to be in direct competition in pretty much everything. Their skills were close to the same; both excelling in every field they worked in. Where one would take first place, the other took second. Back and forth their victories had swayed. The funny thing is when they were young, they were friends. Sam was never really sure why they grew apart, but that was another matter. It was time to join in the celebrations. This meant that Sam’s team had moved up and would compete against the top team in two weeks. This is what he lived for.
Sam was 16, old enough to start learning to drive and turn the heads of girls on the reservation. He stood about five and a half feet tall, maybe 180 pounds, and was very fit. He was a looker, with true wash board abs. His hair was jet black, shiny, and long. Sam liked sports like basketball, soccer, flag football, laser tag, and paintball.
Sam’s group consisted of his much bigger friend Stump, Julie, and The Twins. They were the core of his world. When he went anywhere, they were the ones he was going with or catching up to. Stump stood a foot taller than Sam, and was very stocky for his age. Layer upon layer of muscle, his toned features always stood out. Stump had long black braided hair going down to the small of his back. It was dull in color, not the normal shiny black like Sam’s. Stump may have been quiet but always seemed to leave an impression. When he played football he was always injuring the other team’s players. He was overly protective by nature, like a long shadow of Sam’s, always there.
Julie was a long time friend of Sam’s, and maybe a little more. Well at least Julie thinks so. She used the sporting events to stay close to him. She was a lot smaller, and just coming into womanhood, but Sam was totally oblivious to the changes. Julie was very cute, but she knew Sam would need a kick in the head to get him to think of her in that fashion. Her grandmother calls her “the native princess”.
Then there were The Twins, Jason and Jen Grey-Wolf.  Both the twins wore their hair short. Jason was a handsome young man, and liked western movies and Elvis. So he wore his side burns a little too long. Jen was a tom boy, and liked heavy metal music. Both liked to tear things apart too see how they worked. They were trouble just waiting to happen. No matter where they were, if something happened, they were usually blamed for it. However, in most cases they were the ones tangled up in the turmoil. They used to tear cars apart just to see how they worked, some friends would even bring them cars to disassemble. They loved this up till the day that the tribal police stormed in and took them into custody. Evidently some of the friends had been stealing cars and reselling the parts after The Twins tore them down. Of course they had no knowledge of this. The Twins are highly intelligent but lack common sense. This is when Sam jumped in. Even at his age of 16, Sam was able to get the tribal police to release them, showing they meant no harm to anyone. He was able to prove that The Twins did not know what was going on, and were completely innocent.
Sam’s little sister Janice had just turned 11 years old. She did not play the same games, but could beat Sam’s entire group of friends in chess. She was caring, loyal, and intelligent, and was on the honor roll in school. She even learned all the legends of the tribe. Using traditional crafting techniques passed down through generations she would make wrist bracelets and necklaces for all of Sam’s friends.

Ok so it has been a bit since i blogged. i have been busy trying to push sales of my book and trying to find a job.  Aug. 8th was my birthday and i but the book out for free and it did very well. I got almost triple the download than my total downloads to that point.

I’m still a very long way off from being a full blown Author. i think we ran the numbers . that i would have to sell 35 books a day to live only on writing. A few others say it will be when i reach the point when i have 4-5 books out. One of my Closer friends says it will around 8 books. i think the 4-5 is closer to being correct.

With my short story just around the corner. and the fusion with Spirit Lance. that will give me a total of 3 open projects out there for download. i also hope to have my books being printed locally and sold on my Website when it is done and i have paid to print my books. Book two is about 25 % done and i hope to work on it a bit today.

In less than 50 days i hope to add Smashword to the locations where my books are available. I would also like to thank all of my followers that helped me get over 5k followers on Twitter.

Anyway was hope to give you a update and now i have. keep listen for other news.

later hope to chat soon.

Robert Tabb

aka Smashtower

So i have mixed feelings about reviews. Some authors could not care about them at all. and some want feedback to see if we are getting the right story a crossed. I’m not going to say that i’m the best writer in the world. Hell no i’m a guy who wanted to tell a story, and in my case many stories. I like reviews , but at the same time don’t want to see a lot of negative remarks. so i’m going to try something different for me. i’m going to give my email here. and hope that people use it to let me know what they liked and did not like about my book so far.

i will going to a local event to support a few local authors at a new comic book store

So if you have read my book and liked or disliked it please send me a email and let me know in detail what you thought.



So this is what i have come up with recently. People you know come in to Two categories. Friends and Associates .

Let’s cover associates first.

An associate is a coworker, someone you now close to you or someone you are on very good terms with. This is a person who you can go out to lunch with , someone you can chat with between phone calls. Maybe even go out to have a drink with.

But one thing i have found is a associate. will not extend  themselves to Help. Now i know the transition from associate to friend can happen quickly but most of the time it will not happen. It is sometimes hard to see the difference but they are there. the associate will give you support from a distance. Now that statement alone is questionable. An associate will do what is minimally necessarily to complete the task. He might help you move but at a cost or will leave before the task is done.

Now a true friend goes out of their way to help you. if you need to move they volunteer. and stay till the project is complete. They insist on loaning you money when you need it. and don’t ask when you will repay it. A true friend invites you over for parties, BBQ, go out to dinner. is someone that will go out of their way to see you or hang with you.

Associates are good to have around but don’t put your hopes in them. it is very rare that a associate will make the move to  friend but sometimes it does happen. When it does remember friends are a tight group. and waver very little. Associates can disappear like the last beer in the fridge, the last piece of pizza and like the last drop of gas when your on the Highway when your 50 miles from town.

Just saying.


4.0 out of 5 stars Very good book., June 30, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Spirit Lance (Native Protectors) (Kindle Edition)

When it comes to reading, characters make or break a story. And this story has very real and very solid characters. My favorite is Medicene Man Monti. From the moment I began reading this it seemed like a different kind of science fiction, and that’s a good thing. Using the backstory of Native Americans was a big plus for this story. This book is WELL WORTH the asking price and it’s exciting to know that “Spirit Lance” is Robert Tabb’s first novel, because it’s only going to get better.

this is great. fingers cross for more good reviews .

After many many months of writing and having 2 editors work on the editing. i have released my Book. Spirit Lance the first book of the Native Protectors series is out.

While working on this project i have come up with many other book ideas and even lengthen this series to eight books as of now. i have a Author page on Amazon now which is pretty cool. Which is here. i hope that in about 90 days to have a short story and a fusion version of Spirit Lance. What that mean is the short story will be fused with spirit lance to give you a broader view of the galaxy I’ve created.

The second book in this series will out near the end of the year. then i’ll be working on a second series. The first book in that series to be out near the first of the year. I hope from that point to move to one series to the other series. at least 3 books a year. I am up to 34 book ideas as of right now. Many have not even been plotted yet. but most will be soon. with the first book done . I will be working on Series and book plots for a few weeks. then i’ll increase my work on the short story and the second book. and also be working on the first of my SteamPunk series. The SteamPunk series will be at least 12 books and maybe even larger. i see this series being massive. but we will see how the people like it first.

I also will be working on a second sci-fi series. a western series and a few Fantasy novels. and even thought a history of my life. but that would not come out for many years.

this should offer a small glimpse of what is coming in my writing.

And remember that some authors like my self work to help others also. A small portion of my income will be going to 5 different charities. the first on has already set in stone . Kids Need To Read (KNTR) 4 others will be decided later.

As my time frees up from having to work for others and able to spend more time on writing . I can spend more time supporting other Authors in the area. which is some thing i like to do.

Also i wanted to include a description of my first book and series:

A teenage native american boy Sam takes charge as he discovers there is more going on in space than he previously knew. An alien race war is brewing that threatens all life in the galaxy, and only he with the help of a few friends can stop them. Guided by a mysterious old man and a friendly alien comrade, Sam must muster all his courage to defeat an ancient enemy. With his sidearm “Lucy” on his hip, and his Browncoat on his back he leads them on a wild ride filled with action and adventure.


So a lot of stress can be reduced this week. Tomorrow is the start of my two days off.(My Weekend) but it is not a normal time off. because my mother is moving to Portland. i get to spend the next two days packing her stuff in a moving van and seeing her off on Thursday.

Also my website designer will have a prototype site for me to see. that’s on Wend.  that will be cool . i hope to make paperback copies of my book and sell them from my web site, as time goes by.

I have two bills that about to be greatly reduced saving me about 200.00 a month. for me that is a lot of money and comfort. and i hope to release my book soon!!!!

One of my editors is about 10 pages from being done and the other should not be to far behind her. So i’m getting excited!!!!

More info will be coming soon.

I have decided that i’m going to donate a small portion of my income from all my books to 5 charities. i still have not decided yet on all the charities. but i do know one to start. The first charity will be Kids Need To Read.  i’ll be doing some research to see what other 4 i will choose.