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I think i’ll be cutting back on a lot of things i do. I don’t get paid to social network. i don’t get paid to help try to drive more business to my boss’s business. I social network because i like it but now it seems to be getting in the way of my book writing. But how do i book write when i can’t get any real help on editing. i have one or two people that help when they have free time but that’s not often. But is it worth writing when you can not get any artwork for covers. I’ve seen people willing to charge everything from 350 to build a website. to 250 to make a book cover for me. i found a great lady in New Mexico that did mine for 99 dollars and it was cool. But my book is struggling to make money and i can’t afford to pay to much for the work. so i started to look in to doing the covers myself. not something i have a passion for. this will be hard.

My first book, i had a passion for and i still do but my Sci-Fi is directed to young teens. and i placed it out on ebooks. how many teens are reading on Ebook anyway? or is my book just not interesting to this crowd? On that note i will be working on wrapping up the current projects.( 2 short stories and book 2) and moving on to a different series more adult driven. i still will work on the Native Protectors series but it will be on the back burners. I will start to push my self made web site. . Native Protector might do well in print if i ever get the chance to print it. So as my current projects start to drop i’ll be working on my steampunk and apocalyptic series. both that have been started. So if i look like i vanished. i’m working on my books. sorry for the Rant. i just had to get it out.


After many many months of writing and having 2 editors work on the editing. i have released my Book. Spirit Lance the first book of the Native Protectors series is out.

While working on this project i have come up with many other book ideas and even lengthen this series to eight books as of now. i have a Author page on Amazon now which is pretty cool. Which is here. i hope that in about 90 days to have a short story and a fusion version of Spirit Lance. What that mean is the short story will be fused with spirit lance to give you a broader view of the galaxy I’ve created.

The second book in this series will out near the end of the year. then i’ll be working on a second series. The first book in that series to be out near the first of the year. I hope from that point to move to one series to the other series. at least 3 books a year. I am up to 34 book ideas as of right now. Many have not even been plotted yet. but most will be soon. with the first book done . I will be working on Series and book plots for a few weeks. then i’ll increase my work on the short story and the second book. and also be working on the first of my SteamPunk series. The SteamPunk series will be at least 12 books and maybe even larger. i see this series being massive. but we will see how the people like it first.

I also will be working on a second sci-fi series. a western series and a few Fantasy novels. and even thought a history of my life. but that would not come out for many years.

this should offer a small glimpse of what is coming in my writing.

And remember that some authors like my self work to help others also. A small portion of my income will be going to 5 different charities. the first on has already set in stone . Kids Need To Read (KNTR) 4 others will be decided later.

As my time frees up from having to work for others and able to spend more time on writing . I can spend more time supporting other Authors in the area. which is some thing i like to do.

Also i wanted to include a description of my first book and series:

A teenage native american boy Sam takes charge as he discovers there is more going on in space than he previously knew. An alien race war is brewing that threatens all life in the galaxy, and only he with the help of a few friends can stop them. Guided by a mysterious old man and a friendly alien comrade, Sam must muster all his courage to defeat an ancient enemy. With his sidearm “Lucy” on his hip, and his Browncoat on his back he leads them on a wild ride filled with action and adventure.


So a lot of stress can be reduced this week. Tomorrow is the start of my two days off.(My Weekend) but it is not a normal time off. because my mother is moving to Portland. i get to spend the next two days packing her stuff in a moving van and seeing her off on Thursday.

Also my website designer will have a prototype site for me to see. that’s on Wend.  that will be cool . i hope to make paperback copies of my book and sell them from my web site, as time goes by.

I have two bills that about to be greatly reduced saving me about 200.00 a month. for me that is a lot of money and comfort. and i hope to release my book soon!!!!

One of my editors is about 10 pages from being done and the other should not be to far behind her. So i’m getting excited!!!!

More info will be coming soon.

So yesterday i standing on the street corner. swinging my sign. (I’m a sign holder by the way.) and out of no where a old friend comes up to see me. he was in the area and stopped by. This was what i was talking about a few blogs ago. a person you send a message to and contacts you back. a person who comes over when they say they are going to come over. someone that contacts you on their own without having too. THESE ARE TRUE FRIENDS. The ones that send you a message or call you on the phone just to say good morning. these are people that you should worry about losing. these are the true friends.

Go out of your way say hi. use #Facebook , Twitter. But direct the message to them. “GOOD MORNING JOHN” “GOOD MORNING SAM”. LET THE WORLD KNOW THESE ARE FRIENDS.

Just a few words for the Monday Morning.

Ok today i was listen to the girls of No Elfin Way. and as they were talking about guys that would come and hitting on the girls.And as the conversation went on it came to me. why as people, do we work so hard to make new friend? or are you going into chat rooms and hit it off really well with someone. do you give them your info? well in my mine. NO! as i was listen, i came up with the idea . if people really wanted my info they would ask for it. So my advice is don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. just be yourself. don’t give your info out unless your asked for it. don’t ask for info. they don’t want to give it to you. spend the time enjoying yourself.

i think this will be my new concept for life and work. don’t go out of your way for your job. your boss will not notice you. nor will they give you what you deserve. do your job and that is it. guess i might be a little sour at life right now. but that’s the way its going.

enjoy your evening.

So this is me. I work a full time job. I have a wife i spend pretty much all my extra time with. I have a grandson i enjoy having around when he is in town. the idea is to become self employed as a author. this would free up time for family and friends. and for events. movies with the wife, book signings supporting other authors. travel to support local economies. for everyone that venture forth from their holes that they live in. it helps others. are you going to the movies? then you are getting up and showering. hopefully using soap. which puts money in someones pocket. but at the same time they have to hire someone more to help keep up for the demand.

Then you get dressed by wearing clothes. now these clothes are made by someone.(most likely not local but you never know) and these clothes got to be washed. that’s a different soap(or at least i would hope so) i think you get where this is going. support your local shops by shopping the little guy. eating at the corner restaurant in stead of the big chain. if the small local place get to busy then they hire your neighbor. your neighbor gets back to work. and now is spending money local again.

i did some calculating and figured that i write a book and it does not do well. i would have to write about 11 books to make ends meat. funny glad i had planned to write at least ten books. four books in the series i’m working on right now. maybe more. three in a different sci-fi book series. and three in a western series. if you are interested in follow my writing on #Twitter. then follow @SmashTowerbooks. i am also on #FaceBook same name. Smashtowerbooks.

last night i went out in support of another author’s new book . dead to you By Lisa Mcmann , this is the first event of hers that i got the opportunity to go too, so i was excited. i’m not a great reader but from this point i will be trying to ready any author’s book that i got to support. Grats to you Lisa for the new book.

i also met with Tom Leveen author of his book Party. and his new book Zero coming out in April. met tom at the Kids Need To Read hike last year.

i think this is what i would like to do . write books and help support the people i have come to enjoy as company. hay John Davis when you coming to Arizona!!!! hint


Robert Tabb

My Book Part 6 The Excitement

So it looks like the cover of my book will be done soon . Maybe even this weekend. I’m getting excited. i’m sitting around 32k of 50k. what i’m doing going back and doing some editing and adding a little more beef to it. if anyone has not been following me on FaceBook or Twitter. and i also have a very basic website called : . I am looking at writing 10 books in 3 different Series. i may add or decrease the number but at this time this is what i’m working on.

4 books in Native Protectors ?

3 books in a different sci-fi series

3 books in a western series

I have my first book of my Sci-Fi series. Native Protectors . I’m projecting 4 books in this series but there maybe more. The title of the first book is :Spirit Lance. This book starts with Sam SingingEagle and his friends on Earth. but something happens when Sam was on a hike and he no longer on Earth. his friends are worried. Where did he go? Will he return? Will Julie say what was on her mind? We will only know when the story is done. or will we?

So in support for my book that i’m working on. I have created a new twitter account @Smashtowerbooks. A basic website: and a Fan page of FaceBook: Smashtowerbooks . i hope to have some  art work but i’m still in search for a local artist for help. the goal for the release of  this book is still April. i’m almost 50% done. please add my new accounts to your lists to support my work.