Ok so it has been a bit since i blogged. i have been busy trying to push sales of my book and trying to find a job.  Aug. 8th was my birthday and i but the book out for free and it did very well. I got almost triple the download than my total downloads to that point.

I’m still a very long way off from being a full blown Author. i think we ran the numbers . that i would have to sell 35 books a day to live only on writing. A few others say it will be when i reach the point when i have 4-5 books out. One of my Closer friends says it will around 8 books. i think the 4-5 is closer to being correct.

With my short story just around the corner. and the fusion with Spirit Lance. that will give me a total of 3 open projects out there for download. i also hope to have my books being printed locally and sold on my Website when it is done and i have paid to print my books. Book two is about 25 % done and i hope to work on it a bit today.

In less than 50 days i hope to add Smashword to the locations where my books are available. I would also like to thank all of my followers that helped me get over 5k followers on Twitter.

Anyway was hope to give you a update and now i have. keep listen for other news.

later hope to chat soon.

Robert Tabb

aka Smashtower