So this is what i have come up with recently. People you know come in to Two categories. Friends and Associates .

Let’s cover associates first.

An associate is a coworker, someone you now close to you or someone you are on very good terms with. This is a person who you can go out to lunch with , someone you can chat with between phone calls. Maybe even go out to have a drink with.

But one thing i have found is a associate. will not extend  themselves to Help. Now i know the transition from associate to friend can happen quickly but most of the time it will not happen. It is sometimes hard to see the difference but they are there. the associate will give you support from a distance. Now that statement alone is questionable. An associate will do what is minimally necessarily to complete the task. He might help you move but at a cost or will leave before the task is done.

Now a true friend goes out of their way to help you. if you need to move they volunteer. and stay till the project is complete. They insist on loaning you money when you need it. and don’t ask when you will repay it. A true friend invites you over for parties, BBQ, go out to dinner. is someone that will go out of their way to see you or hang with you.

Associates are good to have around but don’t put your hopes in them. it is very rare that a associate will make the move to  friend but sometimes it does happen. When it does remember friends are a tight group. and waver very little. Associates can disappear like the last beer in the fridge, the last piece of pizza and like the last drop of gas when your on the Highway when your 50 miles from town.

Just saying.