I’d like to thank every one that downloaded my book for free yesterday. Because of your efforts we made it to number 22 on the free sci-fi downloads. Next month i will have another free day but not sure when.

when this contract with kindle is over i will not do the Kindle only. i will open the book for Smashword also. i had to many people contact me that they were not able to download the book. so in about 85 days i’ll be up loading to Smashword. and i hope at that time i’ll be up loading a short story and doing something different. By fusing Spirit Lance and the Short story creating Spirit Lance Fusion. this will be the original Spirit Lance and the short story fused together. which will add a new view of the battle in the end of Spirit Lance.

So this weekend i’ll be having a yard sale to help get rid of a few things. i need to make room for some new things. Next week i’ll be jumping into finishing the short story. And looking for a new job.

While my editors are working on the short story i will attack book 2 and my first book in the SteamPunk series.

So a lot going on right now. so keep reading. information is always changing.