I have a interesting job. Its not the best but i would guess that it is not the worse. I’m a sign holder. that’s right i’m a sign holder. not a flipper but a holder. i hold the sign and wave.

some of the hard parts are i stand ALL DAY LONG. and by god i’m tired of standing when i’m done. but i still like some parts of the job. you got to love that you are outside all day. yes ALL DAY in the every so great weather. I live in Arizona. So it does get warm here. ok never mind its frigin hot as hell. Yesterday i think it hit 102 degrees. this is not the hottest it been but it was uncomfortable.  So yes i would love to find a new job. something indoors, in air conditioning , Mon-Fri. , maybe 8-5 10.00 buck and hour.

But until then i will try to stay here. a few of the things i do like out the job are:

1. no one over my shoulder most of the time. i stand alone. hehe

2. i get to listen to music all day long, or audio books,or chat on text message or phone. so that is cool. also realized that not to many friends have my phone number. hehe

3.and i get to wave to people all day long. Some pay no attention to me in the slightest. even had a few flip me off, but those are easy to forget when you get a few cars of people that wave and smile back at you. in many cases i almost forget that it is 102 degrees out . For a few minutes. i could probably do this job for a lot longer. if it was higher pay. and some shady i could step back into ever so often.

Oh the sign i was holding was easy to handle. and move around with. to dance in the streets with. but lately they got me a new bigger sign. no dance with more of dancing around. My hands are getting torn up but it is still a job, for now.

But again the feeling of get people to smile and wave back seems to make a big deal for me. and if enough people smile and wave back . The heat seems to melt away.

So if there is a message in this note it is smile and wave. it can melt hearts ,improve moods, and make you feel better.

just saying.