Well the PHXCC12 is over. Now it is time to prepare for PHXCC13 hehe.  i have a year to get ready will i be ready? Every year i realize there was something that i would have changed. I would see the stars away from the panels that they were on and even say hi! but i walk away instead of getting a picture with them. Some times i wish i was that forward. I Saw Dina Meyer. in the lobby of the hotel and said hi shook her hand and left her alone. This is one of the women of Sci-Fi that i love to watch. and it helps that she is one of the Prettiest Actress I’ve ever seen. A missed opertuneity .

I was walking in the hotel one morning and meet Ed Asner in the hall and all i said when he asked a question. was no i have no clue.

my wife and i went to have breakfast one morning and had Phil Lamarr sitting 2 tables away. Wil Wheaton was standing and talking to a few guests. Then SALLI RICHARDSON-WHITFIELD came in and sat down 2 tables away. I like to know that i left them alone for the reason that they are people first then the Stars they are. Maybe next year.

this time i will be getting a room for the extra night. i will get the better camera so that my memories are not blurry. i want the HD video camera. so if James A. Owens sings again at the Geek Prom i’ll be ready. And a digital recorder for the Authors that can tell me how to be a better author.

i only collected one business card from a local group and that was Captain Blackstrap Gennie from The Dreadfleet. Which i have a few short chats with on Google Plus.

I did get the chance to talk to and get a picture with Kevin Hearne the Author of The Iron Druid Chronicles. there are 4 books out as of now but i think 9 are planned.

I added a few new people to my twitter feed that i follow.

But for the most part i got to hang with the cast and crew of Western X. this i have talked about before. they are a local group of actors that are working on a western web series. www.westernxtheshow.com. I got to meet with the main actors and a few of the supporting actors. Vernon Wells is the big name on the project and he is one of the producers. The main creative head is Michael Flores. He wrote , edited and lives and sleeps this project. it has been in his blood for a few years. Michael was nice enough to get the crew to sign a shirt for me that is now hanging on my wall till i can get a few more of the cast to sign it.

i guess that is it for my comments on PHXCC12. it might not sound like i had a great time but i did. the concrud has gotten a hold of me and i’m still tired from it. i’m really getting ready for next year. i will be prepared for it!!!!

Now for my book (Spirit Lance) this is the first book that I’ve have tried to write. There are 6 that i plan to write in this series. I have 31 book projects in my head and some well under way to becoming books. the Native Protector Series may be a young adult book series. but it may also have a few things that most adults may like in a book. So please give it a try when it is released. on that note i am hoping that it might be released later this weekend but now it is looking to be pushed back again to next week. Please follow me on twitter under the user name of @Smashtowerbooks . to keep up on how the book is doing. and my other projects.

I have 15 pages of my short story done. this short story is a different view leading up to a big battle in my book Spirit Lance. and will be released a few months after Spirit Lance is released. at the same time i’m going to try something different and re-release Spirit Lance with the short story Fused with it. I believe i will name this book Spirit Lance fusion. Keep an eye open for it.

I’m also about 1/4 to 1/2 way done book 2 in the series which its name is Goliath. I hope to release Goliath near the end of the year.

On another note the second series that i’m starting is a SteamPunk series. This project has taken hold and won’t let go. There at least 12 books in this planned project and maybe will go even farther than that. I see a character rich book series. I’m seven pages into the first book of this series. and still writing the Plot for book 2 in that series.

Ok, I guess I’ve been babbling abit. so i will cut this short. keep an eye out for what is coming up. Oh i’ll be rebuilding my website soon hope to have lots of info and stuff on there when it is ready.

later all.

Robert Tabb