So for the people that don’t know me every well. my name is Robert. i live in Mesa, Arizona. I am a geek. i love playing computer games. Chatting on Ventrilo, or Mumble. I like listening to Music while at home alone gaming or on the social networking sites. My favorite music right now is Halestorm, and Airbourne, Nickleback .

The game i’m waiting for is Guild Wars 2. My friend and i are already getting our guild ready. even though it is still is a little ways, away. our guild was large in World Of Warcraft a long time ago. but fell apart over time. we have at least 6 ready but hope the old guildies will come out of hiding to play.

I like social networking i run 4 twitter accounts, mine is @rtabb don’t tweet to much from it. second is one i set up for my place i used to work. @Sourdoughpizza1 they have the best pizza. @EastValleyinfo this one i set up to help support local events and companies. i support local authors from this account like: Kevin Hearne , Tom Leveen ,Lisa McMann. i also support a web series called Western X. Filmed locally and most of the crew and actors are from here. eastvalleyinfo is also on Facebook and Google Plus. and smashtowerbooks is also on Facebook.

My fourth account is @Smashtowerbooks . this account was to support my book writing. since this is the first time for writing books it maybe a pain but i’m hope for alot of fun. My first series is called the Native Protectors. and there are 6 books planned and maybe a few short stories.

this is the break down.

Native protectors   Steampunk  Western    Fantasy

6                               12                   3                 1

ok well now i’m spending the next few weeks getting ready for PHXCC . i hope to enjoy myself and meet new and see old friends.

Later for now.