First i got to say i was very happy to see that i had 20 people view my blog last week. this is more than double any other day I’ve blogged. Thank you all.

This will be a busy week.

1. the temperature started really hot 105 degrees which the average is in the 80’s. So drink lots water.

2.My friend and i made some head way on editing book one. Spirit Lance from the Native Protector series. we are about 1/3 rd of the way through. Hoping still on the release in early May.

3.Have two book signings that i’m going to to support the authors. one was last night in support of Tom Leveen for the book release of Zero. and the second book signing i’m going too is for Keven Hearne for his new book Tricked from the Iron Druid Chronicles this Saturday. Both authors will be at PHXCC.

4. then there is work, getting caught up on my shows that i missed.

5. today is the podcast for NOELFINWAY. at 12pm. with special guests Michael Flores and Victoria Paege.

6. and now i’m hard at work writing a plot line for a new book series that will be a steampunk series. first outline done working on the outline for the second book now.

this is my week. thanks for stopping by!!!!!