Over the last few weeks i’ve started to stress abit.

1. Money is tight and i was planning on going to PHXCC this year. This is the closest thing i’ve had to a vacation in the last few years. but it looks like it might happen. room is reserved. tickets bought for the weekend. Passes for the GEEK PROM.

2.I’m writing a series of books. and we had to delay to do a final edit. that is taking longer than i wanted, but a necessarily edit i think. with the release of my first book only a few weeks away. the stress starts to build. will anyone buy my book? is it written well? is it my last book as much as my first book? No i don’t think that will be the case. if this book is not my great book then i’ll work on another. will i continue the series? Yes. i will.

3.I have a young graphic artist working on a logo for me. and i hope that i might have a different artist to help build a new website and art to sell on the site. So there is a little stress building.

4.Oh and i forgot i work in 100 degree weather holding a sign. don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind the job. It’s just hot!!!!!

so yes i’m getting excited that soon i will be able to say my book is out. and i hope to follow it with a short story and a second book before Sept.

Also i would like to announce that i’m working on a Steam Punk Series now too. and i have great hopes for it.

So i’m a little excited right now. i hope you all are  too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.