so if you did not catch it on twitter. my book will be delayed. my proofreaders and i have decide to edit it one more time. but slowly and making sure it is correct. i’m guessing on the date but as of right now i would guess May. first on second weeks. this sucks for me because PHXCC12 is in May. so a little more stress.

But so the good news is also close . first book  Spirit Lance will be out in May.  book 1.5 a short story will be out later and i guess book 2 Goliath will be out in Sept. i’m about 1/4 of the way done on Goliath. and about 1/5th of the way on 1.5. book 3 plot has been marked out and 2.5 another short short will be started soon.

and it looks like i might go seven books in this series.