So yesterday i standing on the street corner. swinging my sign. (I’m a sign holder by the way.) and out of no where a old friend comes up to see me. he was in the area and stopped by. This was what i was talking about a few blogs ago. a person you send a message to and contacts you back. a person who comes over when they say they are going to come over. someone that contacts you on their own without having too. THESE ARE TRUE FRIENDS. The ones that send you a message or call you on the phone just to say good morning. these are people that you should worry about losing. these are the true friends.

Go out of your way say hi. use #Facebook , Twitter. But direct the message to them. “GOOD MORNING JOHN” “GOOD MORNING SAM”. LET THE WORLD KNOW THESE ARE FRIENDS.

Just a few words for the Monday Morning.