Ok today i was listen to the girls of No Elfin Way. and as they were talking about guys that would come and hitting on the girls.And as the conversation went on it came to me. why as people, do we work so hard to make new friend? or are you going into chat rooms and hit it off really well with someone. do you give them your info? well in my mine. NO! as i was listen, i came up with the idea . if people really wanted my info they would ask for it. So my advice is don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. just be yourself. don’t give your info out unless your asked for it. don’t ask for info. they don’t want to give it to you. spend the time enjoying yourself.

i think this will be my new concept for life and work. don’t go out of your way for your job. your boss will not notice you. nor will they give you what you deserve. do your job and that is it. guess i might be a little sour at life right now. but that’s the way its going.

enjoy your evening.