So it has been a little bit since i wrote on my blog. i have a full time day job. I’ve spent my last few days off working on finishing my book. and guess what? book one Spirit Lance from my Native Protectors series. has been edited once by me and is now being worked on by a proofreader. i am still on goal for a April 16th release.

And i would like to also announce the name of book two: Goliath. i’m about 4.5 k words into this book. and a hope full release of August 8th.

I would also like to thank all my friend and family for the support while i was writing this first book . i hope that i do it justice.

I have not started to work on the book cover yet for Goliath but i have a few ideas. and i will be using the same artist that did Spirit Lance. Mona

I hope to have more blogs in the near future.

later all.