So it looks like the cover of my book will be done soon . Maybe even this weekend. I’m getting excited. i’m sitting around 32k of 50k. what i’m doing going back and doing some editing and adding a little more beef to it. if anyone has not been following me on FaceBook or Twitter. and i also have a very basic website called : . I am looking at writing 10 books in 3 different Series. i may add or decrease the number but at this time this is what i’m working on.

4 books in Native Protectors ?

3 books in a different sci-fi series

3 books in a western series

I have my first book of my Sci-Fi series. Native Protectors . I’m projecting 4 books in this series but there maybe more. The title of the first book is :Spirit Lance. This book starts with Sam SingingEagle and his friends on Earth. but something happens when Sam was on a hike and he no longer on Earth. his friends are worried. Where did he go? Will he return? Will Julie say what was on her mind? We will only know when the story is done. or will we?