Today’s list of ta do

1. work on book. 210 words minimum (done)

2.clean house

3. water plants (done)

4. write a blog.(Done)

5. catch up on my shows that i missed from the last week.(done)

Sweet the first part of my day has already been good. i told myself to get done my book by April i need to do 210 words per day to get it done by that date. As some of the people following me may already know. that i’m trying to get done earlier than the April release date. i have been informed that my book cover should be done at the end of this month at the latest. the photographer is doing some work with one of the subjects today. and i will be going to a designer and checking up on a logo that they are working on. some time today. i think one of the ideas that i like about writing is there is a chance that i might be good at it and may start making a living from it and could spend more time with my family and maybe some traveling.

Yesterday i got to spend a hour or two with my grandson throwing a football around this cool to do but i have not thrown a foot ball in a long time and was not to good at it now or then. hehe the last time we did anything together was going out to #RawHide . mostly to see the Arizona RoughRiders. that was a blast too. i think we will do it again when the weather is a little warmer.

ok watched Leverage caught up . good two episodes. now Arctic Air , Royal Pains.

Listen to a podcast from @NoElfinWay by @DeneenMelody and @Annavonwinter for  @CazadorRadio this podcast was cool. These girls are such geeks. and they know there stuff. both were able to tell new info. of geek subjects. as in The Hobbit, Star Trek, Star Wars. listen to the podcast. follow them on twitter. oh and they are Hot too.

Just Sayin!!!!