Ok over the time that i’ve been on the web. I’ve been in search of the perfect device for Social Networking. I’ve found many good programs. many not so good programs. Here i will mention a few.

1.Facebook this is a one channel social media network but because of its numbers can not be dismissed as a powerful source. it does have a number of good features. Facebook chat, the new Timeline , the event scheduler , the photo album. because you can multiple pages it tells me it has massive servers.

2.Google Plus this is another good one channel social media network. this has a powerful photo album with photo editing software included . voice and video channels. you can Hangout with 10 of you friends. also like Facebook you can have multiple pages.

3.MySpace was good to give to give us a taste of what was coming. it had messaging, photo albums and even music lists (which i did like) but to late on the changes band wagon to keep up.

4.WordPress is a powerful blog tool. i love  WordPress. even thou i have not grasped the full reach of this site. I can re-post a blog to Twitter and Facebook from it. (wish i could post to Google Plus).

5. Twitter is a basic website with a powerful network behind it. The web interface is so basic. i can’t stand to go to it. But can not hide how easy it is to get in touch with people around the world with this tool.

6. Linkedin this is a great tool to organize your business contacts. There are people that use this to tell everyone that i just got a coffee from Starbucks.

These are some powerful tools in networking. Now lets bring them together.

I’ve seen some very good web interfaces that are great at this. And here they are:

1.TweetDeck this is a powerful tool in organizing the social networking tool. but had bugs so i moved.

2.Gremln is a newcomer and could have been a powerhouse but the bright color of the website. the way to small Calendar feature make it impossible to use as i would like. but they do have the one feature i wish HootSuite had. (Recurring messages) set it once and your done.

3.HootSuite this is the web interface that i stopped at. it was easy to work with. from this tool i can post to almost all the major networks.( no Google Plus feature yet for the common man). the down side is i have to pay for the feature that lets me Tweet over multiple accounts as a scheduled tweet( calendar Feature. and they don’t have a recurring feature) hint hint!!!!

on a different note a program i also enjoy is Trillian . this program connects all my messaging programs together so when i get a message from someone it pops up the same window every time. FaceBook chat, Google talk, yahoo, icq, MySpace, MSN messenger , Skype. but it does not do video yet between the services. just messaging .

not sure you will find this helpful but i hope you will.