Ok so this morning i got up and started working on my book. now. i did over 1000 words this morning which was really cool. i have a long way to go but . i started a big battle in my book so it is easy to write it seems to just flow like water.

also last week i started a conversation with a photographer who i hope will do my cover for me. and maybe even more but we will see.as of this evening i’m 26,600 of 50,000. over half the way.excited i am.

a quick note the book is about Sam SingingEagle a native american. who found a ancient device to moved him to another galaxy. Follow him and his fiends. old and new in the book.

books hopeful release in April. the basic website is up http://www.smashtowerbooks.com.

you can also follow me on twitter @smashtowerbooks ,Facebook -smashtowerbooks