This will be a small taste of a few of my favorite  lines from my book. in no order.

From where he was sitting , he could watch this colony world of the Tarna people and watch the other 2 moons rise. One red and one larger blue.

When Sam woke up the next morning. He found a few new clothes hanging in the closet. But a jacket caught his eye. He thought the last night or two he could have used one. When he pulled it  out it was a long brown duster right out of a cowboy movie. He put on his browncoat and headed into town.

Sam thought this was funny , here he was looking like he sitting at a lodge on earth drinking coffee on the porch over looking a lake with a alien. But really the alien was on a porch built on his planet drinking something like coffee with a human.

i hope you enjoy a small taste of what my book has in it.

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