I’ve learn how to control my stress,By helping other. I have volunteered for Kids Need To Read for a few events and helping to move from one office to another. Denise and Debbie do good works for young kids and young adults by handing out books to schools that need them.

“Kids Need to Read was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 2008 by PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary, and Nathan Fillion. It was awarded 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in September of that year. The mission of the foundation was based on the work of a 2007 project of the same name, which was the brainchild of author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion.”

I also have tried to help a new friend Steve Chenoweth . Steve’s daughter has leukemia and they are in need of help. Mia’s Caring Heart . The best that i can do is help as much as i can by sending people to the website to donate what they can.

I created a tweeter account to try to start a business idea. It failed , but opened the opportunity for me to help small businesses in the east valley . I help business like Sourdough Pizza Restaurant  in the east mesa area. i also run their twitter account @sourdoughpizza1 .

I also support a web-series filmed in Arizona called WesternX . The creator of this web series is Michael Flores . He has work hard on this project and is now starting to see the rewards from it in the acclaim of receiving awards. If getting more support this web series can really soar.  This is how i keep my stress down and it seems to be working.