As i write this book. i now notice that the ideas come in small spurts. When you get the idea for a book you would think that it would start rolling as soon as you start typing, but what happened to me is the idea burst onto the page like fire. then flicker to a slow candle flame. then i’m like how did i get to this point in the book? what is plan to get to the end? Is the book going to be long enough?  Did i put enough characters in it? Are the main characters interesting enough to keep reading?

Do i want to write a one hit book? or a series? Is it a Action book ? Drama? Sci-Fi ? love story? or a FANTASY? oh i like that! But what i’m going to go with at this time is sci-fi.It is what i enjoy. i might even try a fantasy down the road. At first this was going just to be a book. but now i think i might be able to do a series out of this book.

I also got a idea for a second book series that i have not started yet , but are writing down ideas for it. as for info on the book it will come out very slowly. hehe. but i will tell you the main character is named SAM. and that’s all you get for now.