Ok i’ve been a gamer for a long while. i’ve always enjoyed the games but recently all games come to a end game and most players just hover there or quit.

So this is my idea of the perfect game.

Part 1:It will take parts of alot of different games some you might have heard of. The core of the game would be like WOW (World of Warcraft)vast landscapes,good graphs,Mods, mail boxes,auctions,mounts,and flying mounts.

Part 2:Remove PvP from WOW and replace it with RvR from DAOC (Dark Ages of Camelot)Realm ranks, and realm skills. Add guild and personal housing. with the house merchants. Crafting close to DAOC style. you become a master crafter but then have to stay at that level crafting for a time period.(exp.3 months,6 months,9 months,one year) each period you would have to craft 1000’s of items. then go on a quest to receive  a super rare pattern for crafting a great piece of armor.only so many crafters can make this piece per side. And 3 realms to fight.

Part 3: Character creation.More detail .like Istaria .There are 11 playable races in this game.

Part 4: a new expansion every year. free one year. pay the next .(Purchase download) new free zones twice a year.(dungeons)add new level cap.4 times a year(new expansion new level, new zone new level.)

Part 5: Team RvR . Arenas First person viewing.Every class sees some thing different.(Exp. mages staffs and hand magic )

Well these are just some of my thoughts. this would be a game that would stand the test of time.


(Correction) Ok . i guess while life goes on . i was not aware of Guild Wars 2. I’ve done some reading and it looks like this game maybe the new Wow  .For Me but as it is still in Beta i will have to wait to find out.