So life is becoming  a real joy. (A small piece of sarcasm  to start this blog.) I’m beginning to not want to trust any one. our politician make laws for big corporations. to make money in which big corporations then bribe more politician.(with all the money they just stole from us.)

Police arrest us or ticketing us for breaking laws we did not vote on. to pay for their programs. local laws should be voted on. But on that same note people voted on making POT legal for some. but the FEDS trash it. The government does not care what the people really want or think.

We go to war in other countries. But we can’t put up a wall to keep people out of our country.

We got many unemployed but no unemployed will pick fruit or vegetables. Maybe if our unemployed we picking fruit or veggies. our government would be lower. and the attraction of the US would fade away.   I’m just saying!!!!