Ok i pride myself in able to keep my stress down. And i credit the little things. In the morning i like to get up early and sit on the porch soaking up the morning. This time of the year is close to the best. i don’t drink coffee so its me sitting and relaxing.

I like to rate my day as a plus or a minus. plus examples are : seeing good friends, making more money than i spent, doing something that is not a normal thing. (walk in the park , getting out of town for a few hours), getting mostly everything on my to do list done. Even paying bills is a plus mostly if there was anything left after. hehe

Minus: sitting and watching TV and getting nothing done the whole day. a major bill like a car repair, making less than i spent.

More pluses : 4Squareing every where i go. hehe Spending the day with my grandson which will be tomorrow. Twittering with friends I’ve never met. Mental note talk to Micheal Flores about a WesternX party at a bar. If you don’t know WesternX is a Web-series filmed in Arizona. Episode 4 aired last week .Episode 5 will air 9/13/2011 at midnight.

A Twitter Friend has written a book and is working on 2 others. @Johndavisbooks the first book is called Gunship  . Check it out . I like the acknowledgement. Hehe. Book 2 Gunship:Glimmeria will be out in Dec.

Tomorrow i will be spending time with my grandson. Not really sure what we are going to do but it will be together. A walk in the park in the early morning, lunch at the mall, maybe a movie.

These are some of the things that help me. lower any stress. it may not be your way, it may not sound that fun , but it is my way.