So i started a new day job last week. nothing to be really exited about, or that’s what i was thinking. Now here is the deal i hold a sign. Yep. I stand on the street corner holding a sign. Now the sign is pretty plain. It just says BUYING GOLD. and points to the left. Here is the funny part.

Day One – i stand on the corner. moving around alot.  with my baseball cap and a little bottle of water. and the kicker. No sunblock . Do you see where this is going? the neck and backs of my hands were done, crispy, chard. You get the picture. This after 7.5 hours of being out there. you would think this would have been enough. But a strange thing happened. I Liked it!!! After work i run to the store to get a few things for the next day.

Day Two-Armed with a new wide brim hat. Sunblock and a larger water bottle, i returned to the street corner. This day i waved, I moved around and i enjoyed myself again.

Now this is what might be the funny part.  I wave to people to get them to notice me. I dance around a little too. Well as good as a middle age white guy who can’t dance. I’ve heard stories of people coming up and giving water, food, and even money to other sign holders. wow thats weird. But the part i really like , is i wave and some people wave back and some even honk. I get a kick out of this .

Most of the time people don’t care what a sign holder is doing , but some like to wave back. this makes me happy. 10 good waves back, makes me go for a few more hours. I’m thinking this is like a drug. you got to have your fix before that 10th car, or you start going into withdraw. This makes me smile. A New drug of choice.