ok so this is what i’m summing up on these too. Both have very good things about them. and i do run both.

Is Facebook going to die off? No i don’t think so , or at least not for a long time. Is Google plus going to replace it ? yes i think so. Unless Google makes a mistake and screws something up.

Facebook is great for the teens and family members that really want to know that you had pancakes in the morning. and it is really good for finding people that you have not chatted with for a long time.

Google plus has great calibration potential. It will be great for business and groups to put their heads together by video or chat.

I love that when something new comes out with Google plus that someone puts up a post or a video about it and how to use it.

I tested the hang-out with a friend and it worked great. I’ve been told it can handle 10 video links. and that you can all watch the same video Via YouTube too.

The games are cool so far and are not over powering. Damn angry birds.

not as much note as i was hoping but i think this will be a ongoing topic.