Today (Monday) i have a interview for a new job. this has major importance  to me. During the bad time in my life when i can’t afford to do anything. it has been hard to keep thinking about the future. i have have all kinds of wants but no way to get there. i do live my life very simple. We drive a run down truck to get to point A and B. i try to spend 20 dollars per paycheck on the basic food needs. bread,butter, sandwich  meats. and my wife picks up the rest to fill in.

Don’t get me wrong . we are not poor and not living in the street but do wish that life was a little better. i do have a job and i thank a friend for hiring me when i was looking for a long time.but i make a little more than min. wage and less than 25 hours a week over 4-5 days. So i would like just the smallest of improvements . even at min. wage and 40 hours a week . Would be a huge change. I’m a morning person so i like to knock out any work in the day time and leave the night time for family and social time. My best friend is out of town till Thurs. So not really anyone to talk to about how things are going.

So the if this interview does pan out and i’m able to land the job. it could be a good thing for a little bit. My mind is racing , this type of job used to pay at least 9-10 dollars a hour. and it is a large company.So i hope for benefits . But i’m getting ahead of myself . First land the job then worry about how to spend the money.

Phase 2 after interview i will swing by Red Mountain Campus of M.C.C. and see if the have any admin staff there that could help me without going downtown to the main campus. I would like to take a few classes to improve myself. Will have to make the first class very simple . I was a bad student when i was young and now at 45 , i might not be able to cut the mustard . But i need to see if there is  financial aid i could use.

Fingers crossed,