So it really looks like Hollywood has lost all new ideas. with revamping old shows and movies. It seems that there is no new ideas out there. This is where web-series on the computer may start to fit the bill. Hollywood should start funneling some more to new and young creative minds. Sci-Fi grabbed  one called Riese and did not run with it. In Arizona there is a small web-series that has potential Western-X . So far there are 3 episodes done . Now the one problem with web-series is they are short . Way to short for me . Just as it grabs you its done. And i think it take a bit to edit new stuff. A problem with this is , by the time a new episode comes out you may have already lost some of the crowd. this is why Hollywood should start granting some money to these small web-series.

I have been following and trying to support  Western-X or at least the best i can. Western-X was created by Michael Flores. Michael seems to seriously be working his ass off for this series. If Hollywood would give him a little support (money). i think he could knock out a few more episodes , and maybe a little faster. hehe. People are waiting ………..!!!!!?????

Ok Michael where is episode 4?