Over this last week i’ll been checking out Google plus. now there alot of people talking about this new toy. Google (from what i have been reading) believes that this is the way the internet will be in the future. And i can see this platform being able to do that . this platform is great for sharing stuff with friends family and co workers. the video feature sounds cool, but i have so few friends that have a web cam or just don’t want to use it. so i have not been able to test this feature. The same issue with hang out. just not enough friend that are in the program yet. But once again when every one is in play i think this will explode. Everyone will come here.

Say good bye Myspace. #FaceBook say to hello retirement. i think that there time is limited. i think only Google can slow the tale over by screwing some thing up. So Google move slow but right.

The Circle feature is sweet to be able to send messages to a very specified group will make this cool. and that one person can be in many different groups is cool.This will be great for families.