Many years ago i married my wife and got 2 step daughters out of it. One of the daughters had moved away before i was truly in the picture. She is a very Independent young woman. Very strong willed , which does have its ups and downs. The other stayed in the valley and has always been close to her mother. Very out going , and loves people. She has a large heart and takes everyone at face value, which sometime get is a bad thing. Now don’t get me wrong i love both of this girls as they were mine.

Now it has been many years since all this has happened and i now have a very cute granddaughter that looks like her mother. and damn near a sister to her Aunt. hehe and i have a very active grandson. who loves getting involved . He has no problem making friends. Over the years the family went there own ways for a bit . Now with a bit of luck because of the grandchildren . the family has a chance to move back together. My granddaughter came out here for a few days and was very hard to let her go home. and now my grandson will be getting on a plane and head there for a week.

Both girls have worked hard to get where they are. and i hope that they will get the chance to reap the rewards of their success. I wish both of them long and successful lives.

Now on a note i’m a only child. So it has been weird for me some times to adjust . I did grow up with 2 step brothers and 2 step sister and i always thought of them as just brother and sisters. So some times it is hard to see me in a family unit. but i feel very prideful . When i think of this family. the girls are pretty,smart and happy go lucky. the grandkids are going to be strong in anything they do. i can foresee this.

So yes if anyone asks i like my family,the force is strong in this family.

end Transmission. lol