Over the years i’ve played alot of  different computer games. everything from the old Mech Warrior 4 to World of Warcraft.

Every games has it good things and things that sucked. Mech Warrior 4 was cool because you got to build the mechs that ran out into combat. or the ones that pounded you from long range with rockets.

Then i switched to a game called Dark Ages of Camelot. now for the time the graphics were pretty cool. game play was good. you could stick to a mob and you toon would keep swinging.But the best thing about this game was RVR . Realm verus Realm. that was the best a group had 8 toons in it. and if you could get more groups you could overwhelm the other 2 realms. thats right 2 realms to attack. but that game got old and everyone left. for WOW(World of Warcraft)

I also went to WOW. played from the beginning through 2 or 3 expansions. it was great fun in big raids. but i lost interest inthat when they weaked the raids to 20 toons.

Recently i went back to Dark Ages of Camelot. on a private server. and am ever so happy.i think i’ll buy a house and live happy ever after. hehe