So many years ago when i was wild and a little crazy at times . I meet a group of young adults that were out to drink, fight , get lucky. Some were already messed up pretty bad for there ages. Now many of these people have gone there own ways and have done while in one fashion or another. Some have moved on to long careers in a good job . Raised kids and just been all around successful. Some of us got married to wonderful people and are very happy. Some of us  are good with our hand.And make a good living doing what do.

Some of us have pull from their hearts a great amount care for loved ones. And i must say i really respect some one who can give up so much of their lives to care for others. Sometimes i think i would not be able to have that kind of willpower .The power of love will bring a level of kindness that will affect others. This is something that really needs to spread accrossed the world.

Over the last 25 years, i have not gotten the change to see some of these friends grow into the people they are now. I miss my really old friend in Nova Scotia. I miss even my local old friend because we went our own ways. and grew up.

But recently i got together with some of my local old friends. In the last year i have added old friend to my Facebook account. And we have gotten together and a friends house and at bars. I soon hope to put a picnic together and get more together and record the history. Before it fades and we forget about the fun and friendships that have grown.